Sunday, June 10, 2012


Gary Kelly said...

I suppose those suicides are not all that surprising, really. If a bloke's gonna suffer depression, Afghanistan sounds like the ideal place... especially in war time.

War is thoroughly depressing in any case, even for people like us who just read about it. I can't imagine actually being involved in it on a daily basis. It must be horrendous.

I wonder how the rate of suicide amongst the military compares with the civilian rate. Maybe there's not much difference.

If we're gonna fight wars, let's fight wars against depression and other mental disorders.


Gary, I thought that there is more
suicides from the afgan war than have been killed in rhe whole Afgan war.
It seems like it will never end, even after this war is maybe gone.
We are the we are the fortunate ones, they are the Good Souls giving EVERYTHING THEY HAVE TO GIVE for US. May God Bless them in ALL of Eternity.

Stew said...

Gary might be onto something. I know the stress of war can not be good. But I also wonder how many people join the military hoping that there life will get better. Then they are thrown into a whole new bunch of stress. It may seem that there is no good answer and they start to question why they exist or why they do what they do.
It's not an easy life.