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ShareThis7By Colin A. Young, Globe Correspondent
If you are planning on driving to Cape Cod this evening, be ready for a slow journey. State Police said nearly all routes onto the Cape are backed up and likely won’t clear up soon.
“It’s slow,” said Trooper Ed Morgan of the Bourne barracks. “Route 25 is backed up seven miles.”
Route 25, which approaches the Bourne Bridge, is backed up to about Exit 2, according’s traffic information service. Route 3, which approaches the Sagamore Bridge, is backed up about a mile past Route 6, the service reported.
Morgan said no major crashes had been reported, but a handful of minor crashes added to the congestion. He said he expected the traffic to continue “for the foreseeable future.”

Cape Cod is separated from the Massachusetts mainland by the Cape Cod Canal, man-made, of course.  Simply put, there are two bridges to cross onto The Cape.

If you travel route #3 from Boston south eventually you arrive at the 77 year old Sagamore Bridge which will carry you over the canal and dump you onto Route 6. . .which begins just south of San Francisco, CA, and takes you up to the point of Cape Cod where the Pilgrims first landed . . . . 

If you circumvent the Boston area by travelling #495 and then route 25, you will arrive on #6 which inches along to The Bourne Bridge.  Then you will connect with all the other cars which crossed the Sagamore and plod along this thin highway to Provincetown. . . .[Pack your survival gear and lots of water bottles. . . hehe. . .or the beverage of your choice:  you will want to be hydrated! ]

Another, an easier way to get to Mecca is to leave your car in Boston and take one of the catamarans for the 90 minute trip across Boston Harbor to Cape Cod Bay. . .  .
this magic ship literally skims on  the water.  Bring your bike and necessary gear.  You won't need  a car in Provincetown. . . .there are alternative methods of getting around. . . .be creative.  lol  And anything worth seeing or going to can be reached on foot.. . . or other creative methods. . .hehe

IT has begun, officially, tourist season is here. . .it is Summer On The Cape.  Give us all a treat: come on down!  LOL

Justin O'Shea
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Richard said...

This is exactly why we drive up to Hyannis and stay there over night on a Friday then slide into Ptown around 5 am on Saturday morning. We're the only self-respecting gays on the Cape who are up at that morning. :)

I've been watching the live cams at and this morning and it looks like things are hopping in town.

JustinO'Shea said...

RICHARD, thanks for the additions. I can always count of you. Yes, the natives and semi's have their own trix and back alleys. . .ho ho ho. . .we know where to go and how to get there. . .n'est-ce pas?
Yepper, tis busy. ..the carriages and prams are all over the streets. . .watch your ankles! hahaaa A scraped ankle boner hurts. . .and some of the moms and dads are too busy gawking so they just don't "see you". . .fye on 'em. . .hahahaaa

Coop said...

Don't forget about Cape Air ;-)
Spring or September are both better. Not so many touristas.
Am I even allowed on Cape Cod as a committed mainland boy?

Rockport wasn't too croweded today. pleasant surprise. :-)

jimm said...

ahhh... no traffic jams to get to mah beach! And the Rib-Fe(a)st is yummy!