Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Janitor's Note. . .

Dear Friends and Neighbors. . . .

Today is May 1st and I've noticed that there have been 99,026 pageviews at Justin Dunes.  So we shall soon reach the 100,000
momentous mark.  ;-)

I began the blog in July 2009. . . and "the rest is history".  Thank you for your interest and your so-many page views.  Thank you especially for sharing your lives and hearts with those of us who read here and post our lives and hearts.  As I write this I reflect on the "regular faces" who are so special and form the nucleus of the community which has become and is The Dunes.  Thank you. . .very much.

I wrote on Day One something like this:  "This is my first attempt at a blog.  Let's see where it goes. . . . ."  Yes, let's continue to do that and see where we meander along The Dunes.

~~~ with love, care and affection,

            justin. . . . .who also answers to   JustinO


Stew said...

I've quite enjoyed our stroll down the dunes and look forward to many more crisp New England jaunts.

Gary Kelly said...

Well done, JustinO. I've always felt at home here and liked the company you keep.

GreginAdelaide said...

Life is good eh, Justin?

That's not a question, it's more of a statement really.

This blog and the people here are all part of my daily life now and long may it, and you, all continue.

Sure the reposts are interesting, but the occasional discussions are what really bring me back each day. Working from home I often crave contact with others so I find myself checking back here several times a day. Habit forming I guess...ha!

Have a good day fellas!

Jim said...

I'm with Stew! I am really happy to have followed you along on this path (figuratively speaking of course) in the blogging world. Good job Justin and many more posts you.


Justin, you have really worked hard
at keeping your Blog very informative and very educational. We all Thank You. You are the one who has kept it going, plus your school work and educating your own students.
Everything goes hand in hand, and
you are very, very good at keeping
your standards at The Top of the
Scale of Good Taste. We are so Lucky and don't know it. Thank You,
and the Best to your Blog.

J said...

Having followed you from the beginning, I can aver that you are managing your life, and that of a lot of other people, with extraordinary grace.

JustinO'Shea said...

J. . .Thank you for your supportive compliment. . .(gulp) You know I value what you say and this does please me very much.

And thank all of you for yours, also. Very sweet of you. Muchas gracias. ;-)

jimm said...

One of my biggest roadblocks in life is... trust. But yet, I can come here and share a bit of my life or emotions, without the fear of shame or ridicule. Kinda sums up this place called The Dunes for me.

Thanks Justin!

JustinO'Shea said...

JIMM. . .you are most welcome. It's cool to know this is a 'trust place' for you, also. Just feels good. And, because of that, it can have good space for us, and stimulates my thinking on different ideas, reality.
Thanks for being 'one of the family'.