Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I am trying to catch up on things. . . some odds and ends . . . 

GARY. . .into the 'ethers' I went, searching out what might have been erroneously dust-binned but I didn't find anything from you. . overlooked.

Sorry about that. . .I am busy these days, more than usual it seems. . .lol  At school things are winding down at a rapid pace. . with more work hours needed than usual. .Guys n' Gals  are in the throes of pre-finals. . .peeps will soon graduate, and with the rest pack up and move home for the summer. . .the majority coming back toward the end of August. . .  

But now, for Adjunct Professor Justin O'Shea, and Doctoral Candidate O'Shea, and Intern-Therapist Justin, he finds hinself thinking and even sometimes saying aloud with an attempt at a slight French accent a sometime familiar phrase of Mme Bouvier, my dauntless grandmother ( lest you forget, hahahaaa) "Mister Man, I am soooo bizzy. . .I meet myself coming and going. . . " and actually enjoying much of it, most of the time.

Last weekend Peter and I just dropped everything, got into the car and headed home to the Cape. . .together.  We were able to get away early enough that we got home before supper, and were able to eat with Peter's family. . . .Peter had phoned ahead to warn his mom there'd be two hungry men coming to supper.  She already had the chowder simmering. . . .mainly clams but other items and tidbits thrown in for gustatorial surprise. . . .like generous succulent chunks of lobster, lots of mushrooms and carmelized onions, red-skinned potatoes. . . ..yummmmmm. . . . .and hunks of warm buttered garlic bread to dunk in. . . . "What could my Jayzzzusss do more!?!"  It was GOOD. . . .very go
 teach. . . .and then got involved in some good after-class give-n-take with some students . . . .which I found quite stimulating and affirming that they are learning, interested with a lot to offer.  It has been a profitable school year, I can see now.  Gratifying.

And. . . I have forgotten what it was I thought was so important to add here.
I am posting this now before it becomes way to old to bother with.

ciao ciao,


Jim said...

Thanks for the update J.O.!
Now that meal at Peter's place sounded GREAT! I love the 'Jayzzess' you through in there for effect! I got me goin'! lol

jimm said...

Kinda figured you'd be busy this time of year.

I've gotten back into Prof B's psych lectures. Up to chapter 8 now, and will try to get in at least one lecture per week. Added a blog post, too!

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, I sometimes forget that you northern hemisphericals do things the other way around... like graduate in the middle of the year instead of at the proper time.

Meanwhile, with all due respect to your Provincetown chowder, I'd still rather a burger with the works. In Oz that means a slice of pineapple, beetroot, fried egg, bacon and cheese... together with all the other regular stuff.

Keep up the good work, my son.

Richard said...

Darn, I missed the prize for being number 100,000!

I heard it was going to be a cup of chowda from Peter's mom.

Stew said...

One has to stay nourished if he want's to make it through.