Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Pithy Saying. . . ;-)

This is today's Words of Wisdom from Michael
at gaytwogether.com.

This is an item we might post on the refrigerator door, or maybe better still on the mirror above the bathroom sink. . . .or on the wall opposite to the toilet.  LOL

Another one which people have found out the "bad way" often enough is If you don't want the world to know then don't post it on the w.w.w.  And these letters mean what they designate:  Whole Wide World !  LOL

Have you ever posted something which, after the fact, you wish you hadn't?  Then, as you later worry about it you lull yourself into some sort of relief. .. "Well, most likely most people won't even see it or read it. . "  And then, to your chagrin, you begin to discover again that it has indeed been seen by the Whole Wide World and W.W.W. is only happy to let you know and add to your embarrassment!  ;-)  Sweet peeps.  

These comments having been made, most importantly, Thank You,
Michael, for allowing me to so freely "borrow" from your excellent blog. . . .so I can spread the Good Word.

muchas gracias,

   justin o'shea


Stew said...

I figure that we're all human and do stupid things. And if someone can laugh at me, well at least they laughed today.

J said...

The short answer is no. My only regret is that I might have said what I did more gracefully.