Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rest . . . .the. . . .Mind. . . .Create. . .Some. . . Space

Good Day,  Everyone. . . .
Can you guess?  lol  I was just reflecting on Jim's most recent post. . Good advice. .   .  That is kinda what I've been doing.  Shortly after returning from the Christmas break I found myself racing on the proverbial tread-mill. . . .Like an old family member used to say (to get his flavor you need now to supply a French-Canadian New England accent. . lol ):  "Mister Man, I am so bizzy. . I meet myself coming and going! "  We never noticed that he did anything about it; he liked being "so bizzy, Mister man."

Jim's admonition to rest the mind. . .slow down. . .create some space. . . .stop all the hyperkenetic activity is important.   But if all I do is bow to the importance yet do nothing about it. . .if I do not actually stop and do something about my intellectual recognition. . . .I am just batting the breeze.

After Christmas being at home. . . .ahaaaaa. . . that was the culprit. . being at home where I really do slow down, make space and time:
Home on the Dunes just makes me do that.  I really DO chill out there. . .so when I resumed teaching two sections of Intro Psych, three days a week, plus my own classes in the doctoral program which includes actual reading, study, research, presentations, reports and papers due on certain dates, plus seminars and our group-therapy sessions, on and on and on. . .

Plus working at the clinic. . . you cannot put someone's crisis on hold until you get a "round tuit". . . hurting people need attention here and now. . . kinda like a hospital ER where one goes for immediate attention and care.  Also, as much as is possible, when someone comes asking for a specific person because they need you. .  . .they can talk with you. . . they trust you. . as far as humanly possible you do not "farm him/her out to a stranger: you deal with him. . . .ASAP.  

What good does all this do me or anyone else if I am unable to integrate this into my own life?  Haven't you noticed that this "Stop=Look=Listen" stuff posted in the personal relationships articles I have been posting, courtesy of Michael at, really insist that we do stuff in fact, not just theory?  lol  I've noticed, too, these past weeks post-holiday that several times someones have included the awesome and oh-so-true
definition of insanity:  "Insanity is doing the same things over and over again, each time expecting different results."

As a beginning psychotherapist  I must actually work at all this. I must have a definite plan which I can actually work with, one which will fit into the real, the existential work-sitz I have created for myself.  Not doing this makes as much sense as kicking the desk in frustration because I do not DO the things I need to do for my own mental health, for enjoying what I am doing, and doing it with body, mind, and spirit in harmony.  "Physician, heal thyself".

So I have been working on time and space, on creating the leisure for living and loving, on "practicing what I preach".  That is why you haven't heard much from me personally lately.  I am working
on it. . .rest the mind and the body. . .create some time and space. .
doing my possible. . . and the like.  I am still learning.  ;-))

I will close with a little bit of humor. . . .recently one of the men in our therapy group called a member's new email addy to all of our attention.  It read. . . . .Needless to say but I shall. . Phil changed his email addy.  LOL

~~~ JustinO


GreginAdelaide said...

Justin, take all the time you need.
No doubt, like me, the other blog-watchers figured you must be dead busy getting back into the swing of a new year and all the problems it will bring.
Take the time to create your space and when it is under control you can then spend a bit of time with is non-urgent followers.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thank you, kind Aussie sir. . ;-))

gp said...

Obviously you're trying to do more than 1 human being is able to handle w/out losing his/her sanity. Makes me think of this song title:

The lyrics have nothing to do with your situation, but it's never a bad thing to hear Ella Fitzgerald do a great song :).

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, gp. . . nice break. ;-)
I listened to Ella . . the GottaGive you sent. . then went to sidebar to listen to several more. . .nice reverie. . . ;-) Now it's time to go on home for supper. . . and then see what the evening brings. . . yep.

Coop said...

I'm sort of a reptile. I go full tilt for awhile and then I crash. I don't crawl onto a rock and bask in the sun but its the general idea.

I'm focused at work but I multi-task when I'm sitting around watching TV.

Jim said...

Hey Justin! Wish I had learned qt your age that when there is no 'room in the inn', so to speak, it is time to create some. Never too late however!
I figured too that you must be busy....and you are. Thanks for taking the time you do is very enlightening to me to see and 'watch' you along your journey to THAT was corny! But you git me drift!

JustinO'Shea said...

Yes, JIM, I git your drift very well. You are an excellent communicator! As I said before I think young guys can learn a LOT from guys like you and Ron. . and others who post on The Dunes.

THANK you all. .. ;-)


Jim said...

OK! It is alright to just say older guys. We have done a lot of living to deserve this title! lol

JustinO'Shea said...

hahahaaa. . . OK, You Older Guys, you've well "paid your dues", put up with a lot we do not have to, thanks to you O.G.s. . ;-))


Justin, your heart is in the right
place at all times, Your body needs
to recoup, Remember you didn't have Peter with you at school last
year, and loving takes a lot of energy......
Take Care.