Monday, January 9, 2012

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January 9, 2012. Yes, folks, I survived, and just now my ex neighbor delivered my new wireless modem so I'm cookin' with gas. I've been looking forward to getting back on line ever since i got here. I had no idea floor of mouth surgery was such a big deal! The procedure took 10 hours and I'm a wreck. My right arm is still in plaster and I've got a million tubes and wires attaching me to a hatstand on wheels which means we go everywhere together. I'm in a private room at the mo getting pretty intensive treatment, but all the nurses tell me I'm doing very well - tickin' boxes, said one. According to the doc, the plaster should be removed tomorrow as well as some of the tubes so I'll be able to type normally and get around a bit better. I'll start updating the Waffle page regularly then. Gary


Coop said...

I like waffles! With REAL maple syrup. None of Aunt Jemima's corn syrup stuff. I get a supply from a farm in Vermont that I drive by frequently.

I'm happy to hear you survived, Gary. I had surgery in '99 on my hand to make the thing function better and wound up with a cast up to my elbow. Couldn't sleep for two weeks. I didn't have to travel with a Hallstad but I had a worried Labrador retriever acting as my shadow at all hours of the day and night.
Oh yeah, they took my vitals several times during the overnight at Children's hospital in Boston.
Arm surgery. Still breathing. LOL

Maybe I'll get real work done today. There's still hope.

Gary Kelly said...

Coop's talking about waffles and maple syrup while I'm here in a hospital bed with a feeding tube stuck up my hooter? Thanks very much. At least I graduate to sipping a little water today. Waffles next week. BTW, no hunky nurses here.

GreginAdelaide said...

Yeah, get better soon Gary.
Glad you're back.
Positive attitude helps heaps I'm told.
You sound positive so all is good.

"There but for the grace of God go I" ...well, for now I guess.... fingers crossed. For all of us.

jimm said...

Yay Gary! Afore long you'll be back in the saddle and sending us all to our rooms again!

JustinO'Shea said...

No hunky make nurses there?! They too butch for that work?

Glad you are sipping. . . .hohohohhh

JustinO'Shea said...

roflmfszo. . .JIMM, you and I get sent to our rooms so often. . .we oughta meet there. . . hmmmmm?

Gary Kelly said...

Well, there was one hunky nurse the other day - obviously a gym buddy. He arrived when I pressed the help button. I've been pressing the damn thing like crazy ever since but I only get the ladies. I must've frightened the young bloke.

Coop said...

Harumph! I thought medicine was a healing profession. Eye candy is one of those things that might brighten a patient's day.