Friday, January 13, 2012

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This is probably the  most amazing picture of  2011!!!      

                 "Did you lose a cat?"


Gary Kelly said...

Is that animal what is called a raccoon in the US? Are they really that big, and are they really that brazen? Anyway, the cat doesn't seem perturbed in the least.

jimm said...

Nah Gary... i think that's Bigfoot robbing the cradle!!!

j/k j/k

Gary Kelly said...

Well, if that's the biggest foot you guys can come up with over there, I'd hate to hear about some of the other stuff.

JustinO'Shea said...

You've heard of photoshopping. . ?

How is the tongue doing? Sounds like you are ready to go home. ;-))

Keep doing it, Gary. . . .doing what you do best: "Doing what you are told. . " nyuk nyuk nyuk

Stew said...

Damn raccoons are always taking things out of the trash.

Gary Kelly said...

Provided I get a good report from the doc this morning, and I expect I will, I'll be on the 11am train to arrive at Taree at 5pm. Can't wait. And yes, JustinO, there's no point in being difficult in hospital, ya gotta just roll with the flow. Bit like this blog, really.