Sunday, January 15, 2012

My North Shore buddy The Coopsta sent this article about Tim Tebow, plays for Denver,  plus the link for the broader story. . . the "rampant fundamentalism" underlying and, in my not so humble opinion,  undermining so many of the attitudes so prevalent in politics and life in general. . . ..etc.  Looks good background for better understanding our life. . . .;-) 


Tim Tebow.

Sunday, January 15, 2012 3:05 PM

Adam Bouska & No H8 spread this around last night:

Are these people just shoving words in his mouth based on how he was raised and his association with Focus on the Family? Has he said anything vile and hateful towards us? I admire Tebow. He does a lot work for children who have illnesses and disabilities... a cause near and dear to my heart for obvious reasons. He puts his heart where his mouth is.  He prays in public and publicly acknowledges God's existence.  I don't see Tebow using his fame as a bully pulpit.  A couple of people pointed out in the comments section that the No H8 folks are kind of being bullies themselves. That Tebow is entitled to his beliefs.  Tebow  seems to be a decent man unlike the Westboro Baptist folks and some other football players.
Something smells fishy and I'm not biting on this one. Not unless he actually speaks against homosexuality. 

This seems like the equality folks pushing people around. Have some class, people. Like what Dan Savage? (I forget who) said about Bachman's husband. Or the constant pestering to come out of the closet. Turning in priests who are pro GLBT. The only time I agreed with was the California state senator with a anti-gay voting record. He got pulled over leaving a gay bar with a "companion" in the car... so he brought that on himself.


GreginAdelaide said...

Okay, I am not a ball-sports-man, so to speak, I only watch and follow MotoGP and World Superbike motorcycle racing on TV.

So, not being a resident in the US I have no real concept of who and what Tebow is. I only have an inkling of the passion and fervour behind any US (televised) sport.
So I don't really understand the "importance" of it all?

Then I found this.....and started to get an idea.

Then after a fair bit of searching around I found this.

Overall though, I'm not sure I'm much wiser!

(I paused here for a coffee and further consideration break)

No.....thinking more about it, I am certain in fact, that I'm no wiser at all.

I guess then I'd have to agree with Coop and see what comes, if anything, from the lips of the man himself as it seems both "sides" are trying to put words in his mouth.

Hmmm...methinks there is more to play in this story.

Stew said...

It's my opinion that a decent player has found his nitch for accelerating his stardom. I haven't seen any negativity from it at all. I guess we all have to make name for ourselves somehow.
My curiosity leads me to wonder "what, if anything" is he praying for? Is he just doing the motion? Is he praying to win the game? Or his he praying that he doesn't end up with a broken leg?
I accept any and all faiths. Just be honest to yourself in that faith.

Stew said...

Furthermore, I think that "It gets better" trying to cash in on his stardom is shallow. I understand they want a Christian athlete to get on board, but the most genuine endorsement would come from a volunteer. Sure they can ask, but if told NO, move on. That's not news. It's bullying.

JustinO'Shea said...

STEW. . .thanks for your 'take' on this topic. ;-)
I like what you say: I can live with that. . .comfortably, it seems. ;-)
"I accept any and all faiths. Just be honest to yourself in that faith."
Well said.

It seems that is what Tim Tebow is doing. Some say he goes over-board in expressing, showing his faith. . . His team-brothers like him, respect him and listen to what he says. . .so he must be genuine.

Looks to me like the ones who are uncomfortable with Tebow and doing the yak-yak are the ones who feel he is getting too "close to home" stepping on their toes.

Yepper, I am making a judgment. ;-)

JustinO'Shea said...

p.s. . . .

BTW, it would seem "it" isn't working on the football field.
Saturday's game - Patriots and Denver was awful. . .Tebow was 'there' but nothing much happened for him. Tom Brady, Pat's QB, was calling one TD after the other. . that's how they won. . and Tebow thinks that was/is "God's will". . well, I doubt G-d is betting on football games. ho ho ho

I left at half-time and swam around till I landed on HGTV watching David Bromstad and his 'Color Splash'. .he's a hot gay guy based in Miami in decor and design. . .In both programs The Boys were sashshaying. . .LOL

Gary Kelly said...

What any ball player or sportsperson has to say about issues other than sport has no more sway with me than any other person. But it's interesting to know that Coop's name is short for Cooper. My dad's favorite actor was Gary Cooper (and mine), which is why he named me Gary (mom wanted Patrick, which is now my middle name). Gary Cooper was almost always referred to by his colleagues and contemporaries as Coop. He was much respected and admired in Hollywood.

gp said...

Tebow's close association with the pseudo-christian hate group Focus on the Family speaks volumes. There's no excuse for doing commercials for a group whose political agenda is to have treated women as second-class citizens and lgbt people as sub-human.

I have no interest in hearing Tebow blather on about his supposed Christianity when his support of FOF shows that he's perfectly happy to promote bigotry and discrimination.

JustinO'Shea said...

Very important point, GP, if Tebow is a darling of FOCUS, then you know he is blathering their garbage-version of so-called christianity.
Pity. . .

Coop said...

T.T. was a topic at lunch today.
Nobody is a staunch religious conservative. I'm probably the most conservative person there LOL We couldn't see why so many people were bothered by Tebow. And his pro-life Focus on the Family ad wasn't enough to bother us.

I know people who were adopted as children and it kind of makes me wonder... what if their mothers chose abortion? They wouldn't be here.
Sorry, gp, not convinced :-)

gp said...

Calling FOF a pro-life group is a joke. Being anti-choice ain't the same as being pro-life. Most of them are probably opposed to government-provided pre-natal health care, aid to dependent children, medicaid, food stamps, etc. Once a kid's born, his/her life is of very little concern to these FOF leaders.

And just think of how many people wouldn't be here if their parents had used contraceptives. Other than lunatics like Santorum, how many people think that's a good argument for banning the use of condoms and birth control pills?