Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fred Phelps is dead. . . .

Fred Phelps, anti-Gay, Founder-Pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church died today.  

Mr Phelps had been excommunicated by his church last summer, died today at age 84.  I'll bet Fred was in for a huge surprise today when he arrived at "the Gates" and was met by St. Matt Shepherd and the other martyred Gay Saints who suffered and died as a result of the direct and indirect hatred and ignorance of this man  and his ignorant followers.

I imagine that somewhere along the line each of these Gay Saints learned the final prayer of Jesus: "Father, forgive them; they do not know what they do. . . ."

And so, with them and in their memory, I too say and invite each of you to do so deep down by a deliberate act of will - free choice - and not feelings - to repeat the prayer of Jesus:  "Father, forgive him. . . . "

Fred Phelps, rest in peace. . .gracious gift of a God who loves you.  I pray this for you. . .but not without
tears falling now because of what you did to our  GLBFQ sisters and brothers, and their families, to all of us in one way or another.

                                          Justin O'Shea, Gay man


jimm said...

Ever notice how nobodies obituary ever reads, "so-n-so was called home to satan"?


Fred is Dead, reminds me of the wicked old witch in" Wizard of Oz"
Remember they danced and sang about the Old Witch. Maybe we can go back to Kansas. The Gays were bad enough that he threw his raging hate out to, but the taunting at the funerals of fallen soldiers, saying they died, cause God was punishing them, for the freedom that gays have in the U.S.A. He was a lunatic & fanatic to spew his hate, that God does not have.

Gary Kelly said...

I don't accept that a hateful grub like Fred Phelps deserves anything but condemnation in both life and death.

GreginAdelaide said...

Funny, I just read that just before I checked on da Dunes, in fact it prompted me to look, to see if there was comment on his timely passing.

Yep, can't say I'm unhappy he's gone, if only that he can taunt and bully and preach no longer.
At times like these I truly hope there is a heaven and hell.

I just hope that after death "what goes around comes around"

Not that I'm vindictive or anything. (eye roll and tongue in check)

gp said...

I have to agree with Gary. My feelings about his death: better late than never.

JustinO'Shea said...

Oh GP, I agree with that. .the sooner the betters. . without regrets. . .

But. .yet. . to add to my post. . .Forgiveness does not ignore or deny the brutal realities. . .to deny means there is nothing to forgive.
Forgiveness is beyond the existential reality of evil. . it superceeds the evil. . .
Maybe forgiveness means "I refuse to stoop to your level. . .and so I raise you up to mine." [Not better than thou; different from thou. . .? See what I am trying to say?

Coop said...

It's so tempting to want to pee on his grave.

But I try hard to think otherwise. I hope Fred Phelps is released from the fear he felt in life. And he realizes God's true nature. Maybe God forgave him. It's not for me to condemn the bastard to hell.

GreginAdelaide said...

Coop, I love your comments....and had a sneaking mental picture of myself doing the same with a smile on my face when I first read the post. ("Take that you bastard" in my mind as I peed away)

I also tried hard to have forgiveness, perhaps some guilt at not being able to readily do so.

So, yes I agree, I like your attitude .... it's also not for me to condemn him to hell.....

But, I think I'll take it a step further and abrogate my responsibility and say that it is equally not for me to forgive him.
I cannot take that step in all honesty.

I'll allow myself that...and smile, walking away....zipping up my pants.

Such things are best left to the Universe.