Friday, March 14, 2014

 In a story that made headlines around the globe, a drag queen namedPanti Bliss, made a speech at Dublin's famed Abbey Theatre about homophobia, as a response to criticism she had made on public television about critics of LGBT equality.  Bliss (who is also known as Rory O'Neill) made reference to a Catholic notion about homosexuality in her speech. The following excerpt is from The Billerico Project:
"Have any of you ever come home in the evening and turned on the television, and there is a panel of people -- nice people, respectable people, smart people... and they're all sitting around, and they are having a 'reasoned' debate on the television: a reasoned debate about you?"
"About what kind of person you are, about whether or not you're capable of being a good parent, about whether you want to destroy marriage, about whether or not you're safe around children, about whether or not God herself thinks you're an abomination, about whether in fact maybe you are intrinsically disordered. And even the nice TV presenter lady... even she thinks it's perfectly okay that they're all having this 'reasoned' debate about you and about who you are and about what rights you deserve or don't deserve."
You can watch the 11-minute video of her speech here.


Jim said...

Justin, thanks for this! This guy 'nails' it!!
How many times times have I done the same 'checking myself' routine.....

Gary Kelly said...

You can't get any more "reasoned" than that speech. I enjoyed that post thoroughly, JustinO. Not only does it speak for reason, it also speaks for the eloquence of the Irish.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks for your comments, GARY. I am glad to read this. YES, she does do us proud. . . lovely Irish lass.
yo ho ho
She does make a beautiful gal, right? ;-))