Friday, March 28, 2014

". . . .AND  THERE  WAS  SILENCE  IN  HEAVEN. . . . ."

                                                 book of revelations

           Anyone still at home?. . . . . . . ;-))


J said...

Not in heaven. We prefer a warm climate.

jimm said...

hallelujah!!! how's that?

Seems my last comment went to cyber-lala-land. I asked, how do you handle compliments?

I tend to shrug them off. Kinda like i am embarrassed by the attention. This occurred recently. I should have said something more like, thanks, you made my day! But, i never say that.

Got snow???

Gary Kelly said...

Was that silence in heaven pre or post Big Bang? For those who are wondering what existed before the BB, some say the BB was the result of a previous universe collapsing.

And Jimm, accepting compliments with a simple but genuine thank you is the way to go. None of this aw shucks crap or being red-fsced. I've seen famous people smile and say a simple thank you when complimented. It's a very dignified way of being grateful.

And snow? Wot dat?

Gilbert Ball said...

Still alive and kicking...I check here for pearls of wisdom and cool or funny pictures here every few days.

Gary, well said on accepting praise and acknowledgement.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yes, Gilbert, well said.
The truth and simplicity always the best. . .and is much much easier than embarrassed denial and subtle accusation of lying. . .think about it. ;-))