Sunday, January 19, 2014


SORRY about that. . . .I just discovered 7 comments awaiting publication. . . even the most recent about The Maritimes. . . ahem.
I guess I didn't see them.  Not ignored, for sure. . .not seen,  ;-(
I plan to amend my life. . . daily.  ;-)

A little P.S. of my own.  It does feel good being back on Campus and at the Clinic. . . .where I can share freely what I've been given by so many people and life-situations.  Happy to report, too, that several of my clients were "relieved" to see me.  Some find holidays and vacations stressful, for various reasons.

Very good, too, to be back at GrandMama Mde Bouvier's home. She seems quite content to have "her boys back home where they belong" as I overheard her say to someone on the phone.  Because of his work at the hospital Peter didn't have as much time off as I did.  Times, too, when the loverly Winter storms didn't favor trips home to The Cape.  . . . or anywhere.

Scene/ SEEN while driving:  two babies carefully strapped in their car seats in the back seat. . . .while MAMA, presumably, was driving
and animatedly chattering on her cell-phone AND smoking, even chain smoking, cigarettes!  At the light -- she was next lane to me --
she lit up a fresh cigarette from the finished butt!!! --- before flicking it out the window. . . .  EWIESSSS

Worse -- I guess -- than the gentleman reading the morning paper spread on the steering wheel. . . or the guy shaving using his plug-in!
The best road-way admonition I saw was a home-made cardboard sign in his truck window:   SHUT UP. . . .HANG UP. . . .DRIVE !

These are the people who adamantly deny principles of cause and effect.  As mostly-naked Puck's sign says; "O what fools these mortals be. "  AMENNNNN.

Justin of the Dunes and Elsewhere. . . .;-)


jimm said...

Distracted drivers, what's their excuse? Unlike drunk drivers, they are 'allegedly' of sound mind.

And... I'd be relieved to see you, too! At least you know you're wanted!

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, maritime. The Roads and Traffic Authority in NSW Oz has just changed its name to Roads and Maritime to incorporate both modes of transport.

As to that woman smoking and talking on her cell phone while driving, that's the height of arrogance - believing that rules are for others and not for her. How dare she? Me, me, me, me, me.

It's a similar situation with the church hierarchy under investigation by the UN Rights commission in Europe. The church believes it's above the scrutiny of the secular world, answerable only to God.

JustinO'Shea said...

The Church does WHAAAATTT????????

JustinO'Shea said...

GARY. .. the very worst thing you didn't even mention!!! HUH?
That so-called mother SMOKING with her babies in the car. . .windows closed too.

You do know that second-hand smoke is as bad for health as actual smoking!!!!!
Give the kids a chance anyway. . .sheeeessshhhhhh.

Richard said...

That woman is just one more illustration of the need to require a license for people to bring children into this world. :)

JustinO'Shea said...

Agreed, , yesss!

Gary Kelly said...

Licensed by whom?

Anonymous said...

They made smoking in a vehicle with a minor against the law in Oregon starting January 1st.

I will be pleased when smokers will be directed to go to a tiny little room to smoke and the entry door will be a double door with filtered air to to keep the smoke from getting out. I know.....kind of draconian. My two bits worth....

Coop said...

Gary might be on the right track. There have been mentions on the news wires lately about the numbers of priests being defrocked for sexual abuse.
Don't forget, Justin, the church is run by mere human beings.They don't always make the best decisions. Francis, bless him, has a lot of work to do.

I Know people (one in particular) who flings cigarette butts out the window. (Your encounter was not with this person).