Thursday, January 2, 2014


Hope you are stocked up:)
Check out this video on YouTube:



Looks like this vid is very true
for Boston Area. Justin, hope
you have all the bread and Milk, you need...know that you are mighty cold...........
What about the heat, any trees
to chop. That should warm everyone, just chopping wood, Lol.
Seems like your having a Great
Winter. And here we are worried
about it going down to 40 or 50.


Justin, I forgot(getting way past
old) To You and Everyone of your
Good Followers......HAPPPPPY AND A
BLESSED NEW YEAR. I love 14, cause it is my birthdate. and comes after 13. LOL

jimm said...

Funny how ppl stock up on groceries just ahead of a snowstorm. I normally purchase a weeks worth of groceries,so why panic? It's not like the cows ain't gonna deliver... and the dough ain't gonna rise.

And really, what's with the media? 20 inches of snow over 36 hours is not that big a deal.

Gary Kelly said...

20 inches of snow wouldn't last 36 hours here in Oz hehe. Some towns down under are nudging 50C (120F), which is pretty toasty. Here where I am on the mid north coast of NSW it's a more respectable 25+ (80-90F). BTW, Santa doesn't look too jolly in Speedos, lemme tellya.

Coop said...

Don't forget to fill up the fridge so when when you lose power you can worry about the food going bad.

I'm still wondering what people do with snow blowers and snow sholves. They sell out just before EVERY storm.

JustinO'Shea said...

Coopsta. . they put 'em some place and forget where. . . or that they even had one once upon a time. . .piled up gathering rust and allied crapola. . .ho ho ho