Friday, January 17, 2014


Sorry about that. . . .I see I posted that article. . "Sex gets Boring"
last July. . .hmmm. . . .maybe the idea/topic bears repeating. . . or does the boring-thingy really happen?  Ahem. . .I haven't noticed. . . ho ho ho

We've had some "interestingly miserable weather" here on the Cape.
Sitting "high on a 'permanent' dune, our house gets the full effect of the winds. . . coming at us from the South via the b -r-o-a-d  Long Island Sound, or when it blows in from the North across Cape Cod Bay down from the Nova Scotia and other Martime locales. .  bbrrrrrrr. . .

An especially interesting pattern happens when it is snowing  hard and the snow is blowing horizontally over the land. . . .one day the floor of the veranda, aka porch, "deck" (but not really a 'deck') was bear of snow. . . and it was all coating the North-facing walls of the house having come to us across Cape Cod Bay. Some of the scrub-pine trees were snow coated only on one side. . . .some wonderful drifts along the flats along Roue 6.

On t'other side of the world, "down under" it is mid-summer and lately the Aussie-OZ-ites are sweltering under high heat temps.  For the tennis participants it has been gruelling. . . .spectators also, trying to protect themselves from the brutal rays of the sun.

I shall be gathering my stuff and heading out to The Mainlands and back to Campus. . . .play-time is over: I have to go and earn my keep. . .

Speaking of "keep" one of the most distressing items of U.S. News has been that over half of our national legislators - Senate and House -  are verified millionaires and up-the-ranks !!!  No wonder the idea of so called "ObamaCare" doesn't interest them.  Aside from their own "private revenue" from various sources, these ladies and gents do not have to worry about health insurance and medical care. . .they have their very own insurance plan given to them by the American tax-payers. . . .a plan, btw, set up and regulated by the recipiants of the insurance. . . A plan which Whoopi Goldberg says
"THAT'S the plan I want. . .that one!"

A second and not-often-spoken about perk for our venerable Servants of the People deals with government loans for college education.  Get this:  educational loans given by the US Government to the children of our legislators  and to the staff's children DO NOT NEED TO BE REPAID !  Talk about privilege!

QUESTION:  Do you think these ladies and gentlemen can really grasp, understand and meet the needs financially of the American public?   There is nothing quite yet discovered which matches or surpasses The School of Practical Experience.   There is a philosophical principal expressed in Latin which is unassailable:
"Nemo dat quod non habet.". . . literal translation  No one gives what s/he does not have.  . ."

Well. . . .I need some exercise. . . .time for my run. . . ta ta, kids!

justin o'shea

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J said...

Nothing is worse than the New England shore in the dead of winter. It's bitterly cold, often propelled by high winds; and it's a wet, penetrating cold.

Coop said...

Of course congress won't fix medicare or social security. They don't need to rely on it so why do they care if the system runs of money and goes belly up?
Make them live like we do so they have a stake in the game.

And if they had to go on unpaid furlough, the gov't would never have shut down. ;-)

jimm said...

ta ta kids????

The pols? No doubt, power corrupts, then greed takes over.

Weird weather... please, no more minus 10s. The 'blues' have already set in. Hope to see a snowy owl this winter.

I like these posts best. Kind of an open format.

JustinO'Shea said...


JustinO'Shea said...

I guess "TATAKIDS" just kinda slipped in from somewhere. . .it's not in my vocab formula. . . daaah.

JustinO'Shea said...

Agreed, Coopsta. . . well, we usually do. . .;-)))

Gary Kelly said...

Boring sex? If our bodies didn't produce adrenalin, how many people would jump out of airplanes? Sex is just as absurd as jumping out of airplanes only we don't see it that way.

As to the weather in Oz, yep, it's warm alright and the "firies" are being kept busy fighting major blazes threatening homes and towns in Victoria and South Australia.

And millionaire pollies? They would argue that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys, but we seem to get monkeys anyway.

Jim said...

Now don't be blaming Nova Scotia and the other Maritime provinces for any nasty weather you may be having!!
And I suppose the snow you have there is not heading our way........tomorrow?! lol
Am impressed that know and use the term 'Maritime'! Not many Canadians use it let alone Americans!
Now, get back to work!