Thursday, November 24, 2011


BEST WISHES  to each and everyone of you, and to all those near and dear to you. . . .and. . .even to those "not so dear". . if any. ;-)

Mme Bouvier, Peter and I got on the road and home before yesterdays heavy, wet, lousy snow storm in some parst of New England.  Where we left from got dumped on. . .and we leave them to enjoy the shovelling of the wet, heavy, sticky stuff. . .clings to shovels. Weighs a small ton. . .  LOL

Having trusted weather reports the rest of The Tribe got here a tad earlier and were all settled in and the kids had taken over. . . .well, only as much as Mom really lets anyone
take over. . . . as my lovely and favorite [and only] niece and the three nephews grow their territorial needs seem to increase.  [My bro Coopsta from the North Shore actually shudders at the very idea of kids being all over the house and having to deal with them. . . hahahaaaaaaa. . . .I think the Coopsta ought to seriously think about teaching second grade in the Boston public school system. . . HO HO  HO !!!]

The rest of our dinner guests [ooopsss I had a typo and wrote sinner guests. . .. hahahaaaaa. . .. I make no judgments and cast no asparagus!  hehehehe] will start arriving in proper time for a 2 o'clock dinner . .  The ladies -- all four of them -- have shooed everyone out of the kitchen and adjoining pantries. . . .the preliminaries began hours ago, long before my eyes were open.
Of course Peter is with his family. . . .kinda strange he isn't here. . 
like the old old Broadway show-song "I've grown accustomed to his face. . .like beathing in and breathing out. . . . ." and I stop here.
I wonder if any theatre people thought of doing a show similar to but definitely gay "My Fair Laddie". . . ..Oh I know, that is so trite and awful. . . .but one could have fun with it.  [For those with no idea whatever to what I am referring google My Fair Lady. . .or the original Pygmalion. . . .hmmm. . .can that be correct?  ;-)) ]

Hope you all have fun fun fun today. . . ..ciao !  justin 


Jim said...

You are certainly on a roll! Bang, smack, boom!
Sounds like a good time ahead and behind you.
We got that wet heavy snow last night! So it was from our American friends, was it? And here they think all the snow comes from Canada!!! lol
Don't eat too much!

Alastair said...

Well, it sounds like you were well on your way down the Thanksgiving bottle when you wrote that... :-D

Sounds like it was going to be fun - Thanksgiving strikes me as a good holiday - like Christmas but without all the cr*p. I wish we had it here, but we don't, so we just have to make do with Christmas, which I hate...



felt the warmness of your journey.
It seems that every year becomes a
great venture with the Family. What
a heart warming Life. I feels like
I am reading a story book, a living
experience, not a novel... Thanks
and stay warm.

GreginAdelaide said...

I could make a joke about gobbling......but I won't.

Have fun with your family fella, soak it all up and make it truly memorable.

Coop said...

Justino teases me about that on EVERY holiday... gotta think of a comeback...

JustinO'Shea said...

COOPSTA. . .didja think of one yet? huh. . huh. . huh ??? ;-))

GreginAdelaide said...

Geez Coop, imagine a bundle of little Justins.... "being all over the house and having to deal with" ...him

Nightmare? I think not...ho ho!

JustinO'Shea said...

Thank you, kind sir ! hahahaaaa

Coop said...

Nah Greg... I never said a bundle of Justins would be a nightmare.
ONE Justin = a handful... and a half ;-)

Gary Kelly said...

Ya know, we don't have Thanksgiving day in Oz. But yesterday, I received an email from a mate in Texas who said he was home alone eating a frozen turkey TV dinner. Was he pissed off? Nope. He said he was thankful for lots of things, including my friendship over the past 10 years. Well, you reckon I wasn't a mess after I read that? Tissue time.

It's funny ya know. Sometimes you forget that just being alive and a friend to others can make a difference.

JustinO'Shea said...

As I sit here in early morning hours thinking about your post, Gary. . . .I realize loving. . being a friend to others is just plain vital. . .the dynamics that keep us all together as individuals, part of the collective whole. . .

. . . .and I got lost in reveries. . . . . ;-)