Monday, November 28, 2011


GOOD MORNING, Friends and Neighbors, Boys and Girls [yepper there are a few here. . . ], Companions and Lovers, fellow Dune-sters and would be Playmates. . ..Hello, Everyone!  ;-)

Yes, we did make it back to our regular stomping grounds-away-from-home. . . early enough to still have some energy left.  The snow we left behind. . .that icky stuff. . .is all gone and the temp is nearly 60* F.  Wish the SUN would shine.   Think if we did a rounsing chorus of "Let the Sun Shine" from that old old hippy-era show HAIR it might come OUT?

It was good being home on the Cape. . .really good being with family and all.  Thanksgiving Day was fun. . .just all the family.  On Sunday afternoon my parents had their friends and colleagues in for "a gathering their style. . . .and this time I was not required to be the Go-Fer. . .lol. . . .and the Cougar-Lady was not there.  ;-))

Friday afternoon  Mom and Dad and I left the rest of the family to sort for themselves. . . .besides, Mme Bouvier likes taking over and getting other people organized for meals and all.  We went to Da Silvas for a fmaily visit and a late afternoon dinner.  All of them were there, including Granpa Domineco. . . He, Peter's dad and my dad get into some of the greatest conversations and commentaries of The State of the Nation and allied salient topics.  ;-)

For years and years past it was a matter of discipline that Catholics didn't eat meat on Fridays. . . .and, for the most part, I guess that was rather scrupulously observed.  Catholics in the Boston area and along the East Coast, so I've heard, were often derisively called "mackerel snappers" and other fishy epithets.  Hehehee  Here in a thriving fishing village the abundance of seafood available -- at very reasonable prices -- has never made abstaining from meat a hardship at all. . . and hardly a real "discipline hardship" as some of the "old-timers" like to pretend when talking about the "old days when being Catholic was really difficult". . .LOL

So when the no-meat-on-Fridays changed the Da Silvas just decided they were going to keep observing it. . .and they do.  With the abundance of sea-food of all kinds, and Mama DaSilva who can make almost anything into a meal fit for a king. . ..or a queen, as she has done. . .LOL.  So for Friday dinner we ate wonderful dishes of all sorts and it tasted like "food for the gods". . .They eat well and a great variety of dishes.  Much better, in my tastes, than that miserable old bird, dry and semi-tasteless. . ..and my mother too is a very good cook. . . likewise her mother, Mme Bouvier. . ."it's all in the sauces. . . " and the wines, reds and whites, dry and sweet. to go with the various dishes.  The Da Silvas all partake of the fruit of the vine and no one goes overboard . . .hear it, "overboard" as in drunk on ship.. .in a fishing family. . . LOL. . . so meals at their home never become "unpleasant" from too much of the vine. . . .I like that. 

Thanksgiving Break. . ..a good time was had by  all.  I've got to hustle.

ciao, ciao. . . . .JustinO


Stew said...

That's what holidays are all about. Spending time with the ones that you love. I'm happy to read that everyone had a good time. In my job, we say that the dead never sleep. So I was working but enjoyed Sunday instead. All the same, I say.
Now for all of us, it's back to work.
And don't spend all your money on line today.

GreginAdelaide said...

A refreshing time Justin.

I do miss our family gatherings, my parents have both gone and recently my younger bro died suddenly. Just me an my dog left. A bit scary.

Ah well, life goes on, but it has made me more determined to make the most of what I've got here on this earth....
Glad you had a great time....and I envy you the good seafood, I really love it. Must get the tinny registered and prepped for this summer.

Gary Kelly said...

I find the way you talk about the O'Sheas, Bouviers and Da Silvas getting together like one big family very interesting. I'm sure opponents of same sex marriage and/or homosexuality generally would be horrified to learn that the families of two young men in love should not only approve of the relationship but actually fraternise with each other!

If the O'Sheas, Bouviers and Da Silvas could bottle whatever it is they have in their hearts and minds, it would change the world.

JustinO'Shea said...

GARY. . .thank you very much. What you write about us. . is totally beautiful and I am so moved. . it is about gay people who can and do love one another written by a very perceptive gay man .

Wait till I share this with the family! :-)

Thank you.

GreginAdelaide said...

Spot on, Gary. Good comment for sure. My sentiments exactly, wish I'd said


Gary, you express the thoughts that
many of us think. It is such a good world of Justin's that he shares with us all. It is the way
you were brought up and whom did that great job of bringing Peter and Justin. Oh how Lucky they are.

Jim said...

I agree with all that's been said by your faithful followers! You have a really good thing going Justin!

Now, what about that OLD, OLD hippy song....Let the Sunshine in? You would have loved that time! lol
And funny thing, you ended with the 'hustle'....another OLD OLD hippy dance at the time! Sure you weren't living another life back then, Justin? lol
all the best.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, Jim, and everybody. Yepper! I do have a good thing going and I am grateful for every bit of it.

Huh huh, I've listened to HAIR many times. . .I used to pretend I was part of the cast on the big numbers. . .I had my idea of some hippy clothes and I made up my own dances.
Then one summer at the Melody Tent down by Hyannis HAIR came to town. !
With all the hippy cast, all that hair, their songs,. . .one of the "shockers" was this big paper n stix penis which came out into the audience and spit feathers at us!

Some pretended to be shocked and 'upset'. . as I recall the "Town Mothers and Fathers on the Council" asked the directors to OMIT that one part in the show. . and they did. I remember my :lax parents" saying it was 'much ado about nothing'.

Living and playing near Provincetown I get/got to see lots of the olden days. . .hehe. . there are lots of performers/shows
which come to town. and perform to a lot of the old music. Sometimes too there are theme afternoons at the Boat Slip and it will feature a season or period. . .and there are lots of "goldies oldies" from those eras roaming around town and they still know how to do those dances like the Hustle. . .One time these older guys got us "kids" out on floor and TAUGHT us to do the Hustle. . .what great fun and sometimes if the music is right some of us will start doing it. . .gays guys are game [aliteration, eh?] have fun and do the oldies.

A lot of good stuff from the olden times and sometimes I think it is much better than a lot of the current crap. . .LOL. . not a hellava lot of fun wiggling and pointing one arm with a finger extended to the heavens. . hahahaa

"Let's do the husitle!!!"