Thursday, October 20, 2011

When will it end ?


I just read on a blog of a gay suicide that happened last

James Hubley, the son of Kanata South city councillor Allan Hubley,
died by suicide Friday, Oct. 14, 2011. He was 15 years old and openly
gay at his school in Ottawa, Canada.

I did not know if you had read about it.  So Sad so Young.  May he
Rest in Peace,
and the Hands of the Lord.  When do we stop crying and say 'Son' you deserved a
good long life, in the body and soul you were in."

     Joe Galant


Gary Kelly said...

Well, Joe, since no one has answered your question, I'll take a shot at it. Suicide will never end. And we must keep in mind that there are all kinds of reasons for commiting suicide... probably stemming from a feeling of hopelessness, which is not necessarily related to being gay. My best friend and his mate almost succeeded but changed their minds at the last minute. It wasn't because they were gay, it was because they couldn't stand to be separated (by one family moving to another country).

JustinO is gay and he's still alive. Lots of gays are still alive. Why is that, you have to ask yourself. Being gay is no good reason to end your life prematurely.

Right, JustinO?


I just talked to a very good friend
in Wisconsin, She said grandson, is being picked on and called a
sissy, cause he likes to build
thing out of legos, he is very creative, artistically sort of inclined. Eight Grader. Other boys won't let him play football with them at school. Knew Grand parents used to stay in our apartments in Kissimmee 30ys ago, they are good people. What has
happened to our Society in last
I know there is more than one form
of bullying. We don't need it,
our children are more than precious
and need them in our lives and want them to have a full and happy ones as well.
Thanks Gary, appreciate your words.
Sending my ugly pic, can't hide
anymore. I am what I am.