Sunday, October 30, 2011


MOTHER  of 15 yo gay student is pushing for more than a 3-day
suspension of the bully.

Take a quick browse of the comments from other students.  I am amazed by the low-level of verbal communication.   Or do I expect too much from 15/16 year-old students?

Care to leave your comments?  Would be helpful.  I want to use this for a class presentation.  And and all assist would be really appreciated.   Thanks.




I see why you told us to read the
comments. The Hate Out There, is
mind boggling. Never was anything
like this when I was going to school. It was long ago, but my how our lives have changed over the last 50ys. "Beat up the Worthless Fags" just kicks me
in the gut. What a Post. No one
wants to stand up for the other human being. Even China, where a small child was ran over more than once, they just didn't think of the child as a human being. People kept walking by and did nothing. Do they
not teach morals and ethics in schools any more, or is it only
for Christian Schools, and even
they don't get accross what life
is about.

JustinO'Shea said...

Dear Rad Joe:
Thanks for sharing your feelings here and comparisons. I was hopeful some of the "seniors" here would speak up and out on this. It is good for me to hear what you guys have to say!

I learned those things at home long before I set foot in public schools or religious ed classes. So why aren't these kids learning stuff at home!!??

Do they ALL come from non-caring, dysfunctional homes?! The kids who commented tell me the answer is YES. . .they DO come from dysfunctional families! And we are all the losers. Pity!

J said...

When I was a kid there was a bully who lived up the block. He was bigger than me, and used to wait for me to pass by so knock me around. One day I decided I'd had enough. When he attacked I crouched down, grabbed his legs and pulled them out from under him. Once he was down I jumped on top of him and beat the crap out of him. He was blubbering and squeeling like a pig when I finally let him go. I never had any problem after that. The moral of the story is that bullies are cowards trying to boost their self esteem and manufacture respect from others. I say stand up to them, and use anything short of deadly force to defend yourself. Believe me, they will get the message not to mess with you. It isn't written that fags have to be pussies.

jimm said...

Hmmm... lots to say here.

So, what's wrong with these ppl?

The adage, it takes a village to raise a child, comes to mind.

When I was a youngster, everyone in town knew who you were, or had some kind of connection to your family (neighbor, job, school, church, scouting, sports teams, etc). Kids had a lot of good role models to choose from, even if they had a troubled family background.

What bothers me more about the video is that no one stood up to stop the bullying. What's really lacking is leadership among the kids. With youth leadership programs, it gives you a chance to build from within. These kids could set the example for their own peers to observe and maybe follow.

Also, in these troubled times, both parents need to work, and they are working longer hours for less money, many who are not working their chosen field. Stress can be high and tiring. When their kid is acting up, it's easier to tell em to just drop it, rather than reason with them. Opportunities missed!

The on-line bigot comments? Basically, it's ignorance. Funny thing, I grew up in an almost all-white village. When I was a teen, there were these 2 Hispanic brothers about my age. One spoke with an accent, the other spoke fluent english. They were accepted as they were, and no one thought of them as being different.

When I moved to WNY, I was appalled to see white kids from affluent communities wave confederate flags and holler the N word at African-American kids as they drove by.

I strongly believe ppl who are different make for interesting friends.

Diversity is an ever-expanding learning opportunity.

Hate is wasted time.

Gary Kelly said...

Jimm raises an interesting point about different people making interesting friends. I agree... variety is the spice of life. So why do bullies and homophobes want everyone to be the same? Why is being different such a negative in their eyes?

Maybe it's some sort of insecurity - an innate suspicion of anything different because it could be a threat.

I shoulda been a shrink.

JustinO'Shea said...

Shoulda? You are! Innate talent, listening heart, life experience, intelligence. . . .and determination.
Great begining. Cf GR I. . . .;-))


I am getting old. I forgot about the bully, after I had my eye removed
the last day of 1946. I was in the
hospital for 2 weeks, never was
told that I did not have a
50/50 chance of surviving the operation. I had turned 8 two weeks before the operation. I got
home and found there was a bully
down the alley. I didn't know him
but everytime I walked down the alley he would let his mean dog out
to chase my but back home. I still
to this day, don't know whom he was
but never went back that alley for
quite a while. Half of my face was
bandaged, I just don't know why this ever happened. I think that
I forgot went down the alley and
ran my butt back a fast as possible. Just thinking back 63years.!!!!!!!!!!!!

GreginAdelaide said...

Reading comments on that site reminded me that all such comments on various "outrage" You Tube subjects all sound the same.

That is, there are angry and violent reactions...from BOTH sides!!!

It never ceases to amaze me that there can be such anger and hate so readily below the surface on both sides.
Is simply the anonymity of the medium?
Do people REALLY think this way and would acts this way?
Or is it they just want to get their point across?
Would their "verbal" reaction translate to physical action?
Would they even say the same in person to anyone/everyone?

I don't know.

All I do know is that I gave up reading anonynous feedback on such sites long ago, they sadden me too much and I gain nothing from their comments other than grief.

Gary Kelly said...

You got it in one, Greg. Anonymity gives hateful people the "courage" to vent their pathetic spleens. You're right to ignore the crap because that's all it is.