Thursday, October 6, 2011

H A P P Y     A U T U M N


JustinO'Shea said...

YEAH. . .it's Autumn ! It was 40*f this morning here in The Tundra. . brrrrrr. . . cold. When I announced that wonderful news Peter just groaned and turned over and went back to sleep.

Some of us have to work for a living. So I put on the coffee and let it do its own thingy. . . then I broke a fragrant Portuguese bun and put it in the toaster. . . ok, ok, into the toaster oven. These hunks of bread would not fit in a regular 'proper-size' toaster. . .. . .and as it toasts the best of aromas waft thru our apartment. . .rivaling even the aromas coming up from Mme Bouvier's kitchen downstairs. Gram is doing something with cinnamon . . . Even Peter managed to wonder "What's for breakfast. . .?" hidden under the down comforter.

There was to have been a frost over night but I don't think it quite made it here. How can I tell? The flowers in the window boxes are still looking hale and hearty; they did not freeze. There was even talk of snow above 3,000 feet !!!

We shall see if the NewEngland xc-skiers' saying hold true this year: "Snow on the mountains? Six weeks and snow in the valleys."

One year there was snow on the tops of the mountains Set. 16th. . . .yepper, , snow on the ground for Hallowe'en! Eeeeeeeewwwwies.

Here endeth Justin's morning comments on weather and buns. . . .hehe

GreginAdelaide said...


Gary Kelly said...

Love that photo.

jimm said...

Did you say bums?!!

You actually have time to make breakfast?

A granola bar and OJ on the run, for me.


That Pic is so Warm and Fuzzy, it makes me want to crawl into bed, and go to sleep. Doc said to throw the walker away and just use my cane!!!! WOW what made for a happy day. He made me walk up and down the long hallway by myself, gave me so much confidence. I have stopped going to PT, he said I could do it at home.

JustinO'Shea said...

JIMM. . . .I MAKE time to make breakfast. . .coffee most def and some sort of warm toast or buNs. . .haha
Tell the truth I prefer breakfast to sleeping!!! ;-)) Can always sleep after breakfast. . ..if I plan it right. . .lol

JustinO'Shea said...

JOE. . . hurrrraaaayyyy. . .you're doing it. . .already. Not long ago you were almost sure it was too late. . or some other excuse. And there you are walking with just a cane...for just in case balance.