Saturday, October 15, 2011

Recently I happened upon this material. . literally. II have never heard any discussion of this whatsoever. . . .I had never heard that there are real people who believe that they chose their homosexuality, etc. This is just a sample of the material available. I post it on The Dunes not because I think this is THE answer, etc. Since it is new to me, I do not have an opinion. All I am suggesting is that maybe we could think about this, share our ideas, thoughts, reactions with one another. . .I am suggesting an honest intellectual discussion of the very idea of "Queer by Choice". I look forward to your ideas, comments, reactions.

queer by choice dot com

"For the radicals, like the conservatives, homosexuality is definitely a choice. . . . They both react with disdain to those studies that seem to reflect a genetic source for homosexuality."
                    —Andrew Sullivan, "The Politics of Homosexuality," The New Republic, May 10, 1993
Andrew Sullivan doesn't claim to be a radical—he'd be sickened at the thought!—and he refuses to believe that anyone can choose to be queer. Yet as you can see from the quote above, he clearly acknowledges that those of us who consider ourselves "queer by choice" are true radicals. Whether the idea of queerness as a radical choice is familiar to you or brand new, you've come to the right place to find out more about it. This is—a radical gathering place for people who have chosen to be queer.

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"Those [men] who pursued sexual relations exclusively with women [in 17th century Japan] were in a minority and were considered mildly eccentric for limiting their pleasureable options."
                    —Paul Gordon Schalow, "Male Love in Early Modern Japan: A Literary Depiction of the 'Youth,'"
Hidden from History: Reclaiming the Gay & Lesbian Past, 1989 (winner of two 1989 Lambda Literary Awards, for "Gay Men's Anthologies" and "Lesbian Anthologies")

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jimm said...

From my own experiences, i'd have to say the sexual desires of straight and gay, as a teen, were both present.

But still, i don't feel it was a choice. In that adolescent cocktail of chemistry, the stronger desire won out.

And that's not to say genes don't play a role. The genetic probabilities are endless.

Gary Kelly said...

I'm with Jimm. I don't see how being attracted to a particular person can be a matter of choice. It's the chemistry that does the choosing, and unless we introduce foreign chemicals to our bodies, then it's the natural ones that cause the attraction.

To say it's a matter of choice, you might as well tell a fridge magnet to ignore the fridge door.

J said...

A 16-year-old would screw a keyhole if it could get him off. The movie star James Dean, when asked whether one should avoid same sex sexual encounters, responded, "I'm not going to go through life with one hand tied behind my back." I think it's all genetic, but what happens sometimes depends on the day and the situation.

Stew said...

For many years, I did not know that I could be gay. What I mean, is that it was expected that I marry. I never really heard about sex or even love.
Sex is for making babies, nothing more. Pleasure of any kind is a sin.

That's what was preached to me. Little did I know that they were all going home and pleasuring it up without me.

Sex went with marriage and babies.If you had it for any other reason, it was a choice. And you'd burn in hell for that choice. So, yeah! I chose to be straight. Well, I didn't have sex with anyone, if that's what straight is.

Coop said...

I'm with Justin. This is a topic I never thought about. I put this in the crock pot in the back of my mind for a few hours and am still left with my first thought:
"gay is a choice" ignores the whole human experience. We aren't mosquitos or green heads that exist soley to keep the species going.

As far as Taylors go, I didn't don't can't choose Swift over Lautner. HE has my interest.