Thursday, May 20, 2010


HERE IS Provincetown, early morning still, on Commercial Street. You can see the chaging scenario from this spot all day and all night. . . .;-) Who knows. . .ya just might see Peter and me waving at you later in the day, looking into the camera in the trees. . . ;-)

Have a fun day. . . . .justin



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Jabacue said... these 'street' CAMS!

Gary Kelly said...

I wish I'd thought of Lemon Cam when I put a whole bunch of lemons in a box with a sign "FREE LEMONS" outside my front gate. Oh well...

As it is, I don't think there's a Taree Cam. Pretty quite town here ya know... cept on Friday nights when all the drunks stagger home from the pub.

Lemme give it a bit more thought. I might install one somewhere in the house... maybe the kitchen so you can check out my secret ingredients. Vegemite on toast, for example, is not JUST Vegemite on toast... it's the way you spread it.

Should I go now?

Gary Kelly said...

I just logged on again and checked the web cam. There were two people sitting on that bench earlier and now they're not there any more. Have you notified missing persons? This could be serious.

JustinO'Shea said...

OH! OH! Yes, Gary, it IS serious. . the "missing persons" are back. . it is a seasonal thingy. . .those 'missing persons' are the 'non-dead'-- just as in Taylor Lautner's sitz in the Moon Sagas. . .these are the Province Lands ghosties and faeries who are 'caught' still in the nightly-cruisings in the back alleys, the A-House, Purgatory leather bar, the Dick Dock under the pier at the Olde Coast Guard Station, near the Spiritus Pizza. . .and some times the cam catches them in the wee hours of later night/early mornings. . . .
Theirs is the sad plight of the endless searchings for that special someone who never seems to materialize out of the mists drifting in from the Moores and the Bay . . .weary but unable to halt the searching wanderings of the listless spirit. . .

Gary Kelly said...

I'm glad you cleared that up, Justino. I was worried there for a while. But you've explained the situation very well and now I fully understand.

Sort of.