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Music Blogs > Video Ga Ga > Little Lord Gaga: Greyson Michael Chance's "Paparazzi" Is A Web Sensation
Little Lord Gaga: Greyson Michael Chance's "Paparazzi" Is A Web Sensation
Posted Tue May 11, 2010 4:17pm PDT by Lyndsey Parker in Video Ga Ga

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Lady Gaga parodies and tributes abound on the Interweb--some funny, some serious, some good, some not-so-good. But the school recital performance of "Paparazzi" by boy wonder Greyson Michael Chance just might be the best yet. As the teacher emceeing the Edmond's Sixth Grade Festival says at the end of Greyson's stunning piano performance, this mega-talented kid could even "teach Lady Gaga a lesson."

Greyson is bona fide prodigy (as his lovely original piano compositions "Stars" and "Broken Hearts" on his YouTube channel demonstrate), and his talents are being celebrated on a national scale now that his "Paparazzi" video--in which he bangs out the piano ballad while his classmates look on in shock and awe, mouths agape--has gone viral. The video has gotten more than 36,000 views so far, and he's even been invited to perform on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this Thursday.

According to his bio on his YouTube profile, Greyson is "very inspired by Lady Gaga and Augustana." Greyson additionally explains: "Lady Gaga is a freak but she has so much talent and her style of music is what I would like mine to be when I'm older. Augustana is one of the most underrated bands I think ever to step [on] the planet. They have so much talent it is not funny. They have such a good concept with folk and rock. It is very sad that they are so unknown."

Greyson may look like a Justin Bieber clone with his sideswept-banged bowl cut, but with musical taste like that, clearly this boy is no prepubescent pop robot. This kid is deep. (His aforementioned original song "Stars" is about a woman who dies of cancer and meets her husband in heaven, for instance--not exactly "One Less Lonely Girl," huh?) Today's tween fangirls would be way better off worshipping a role model like Greyson over Bieber--and judging from the flustered way the girls react in the background of his recital clip, such wide-scale worship may not be far off. After Greyson's upcoming "Ellen" appearance, surely countless more tweens will be his biggest fans, following him until he loves them.


Gary Kelly said...

That kid blew me away completely. I'm lost for words.

JustinO'Shea said...

Isn't he great!?

One of the young readers wrote in comment: "I bet he gets beat up a lot in school. . . "

Just goes to prove how well school kids know about the violence/bullying so prevalent in our schools today! Tragic.

Lot of talk, some efforts. .what is really needed Getting tougher on the bullies?

That would mean that people had to really want to see gay kids treated better. . .treated without the violence they live in terror of.

Gary Kelly said...

I watched another of that kid's vids and complimented him on getting all dressed up for the show. T, shorts and bare feet. Hehe. But that's the charm of kids.

Adults don't ride trikes around the veranda.

As to bullies, a bunch of crows have been trying to take over the hood here lately... making a helluva racket. But the other birds, mostly smaller, got tired of being bullied and started to retaliate. The crows are still hanging around but are noticeably quieter and hopefully on the retreat.

Outbully the bullies. That's the key.

Stew said...

The internet has changed everything. It's nice that kids with talent can be discovered in this way. Think of what we would miss otherwise.

Hope he does well.

Gary Kelly said...

Greyson did appear on the Ellen D show and it was great. He's a lively little bloke, and not shy. Look for the Greyson Chance vid.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, Gary, for posting the link to Ellen's show with Greyson. That kid is fantastic. . .talented and full of 'personality'. . .great kid.

What an opportunity Ellen gave him. Will be interesting to see how all this turns out, what happens, etc.

Fantastic lady. . that Ellen!!!

Stew said...

Rumor has it, that he has been signed by a record company since appearing on Ellen.

Gary Kelly said...

Greyson did indeed get a record contract.