Wednesday, May 19, 2010



School is out. I got the work done on my projects, graded the exam papers from my freshman Intro Psych class, collated all the grades and filed then in with the appropriate people. Then after some leisure time Sunday for Mass with my Gramm and brunch afterwards at her favorite place, I took a little time to pack the things I'd want during the summer, packed up my roomy Honda FIT and headed home to the Cape.

It felt good that evening to be home in my own room. . . with my stuff. . .where I feel so comfy and serene, even. Windows open I could hear tide coming in. . . or was it going out?. . . love that sound. . .and the salty smell of the Atlantic.

I will work again this Summer on construction, where I've been working for my bud's dad since we were in high school. I didn't work last summer "because of the economy" and the real slow-down in building.
I do dry wall. . .hanging sheet-rock. . .taping corners, seams, etc. I've become quite good at. . . .so that's mainly what I do. . . .On hot sweaty July days, wearing only cut-off jeans and boots, I get a lot of white dust all over my body. . . sorta that ghostly look. . or is it ghoulish look. ? I give up. . .LOL Anyway when I finish the room is ready for the painters.

PORTUGAL. . . Yesterday the President of Portugal reluctantly signed into law the gay marriage law. . .making Portugal - this predominantly "Catholic" country - the sixth European country to recognize Same Sex Marriage.

I had supper last evening at Peter's. . . the whole family was there. . .fun and rowdy. My sweet God, Mama is a great cook. . .everything always tastes so good. . .and everyone is so laid back, relaxed, lost of chatter and laughing. . . I feel right at home.

So of course the right of gay couples to marry in Portugal came up. . . raised by Grampa Domenico, the patriarch. . . ..who had said to me one evening at supper a few months back "It's not so important who you love but that you love!" It was interesting for me to listen to the chatter about that topic. . .I never really knew just how OK they are with it. . .At one point Grampa looked down the table to Peter and me, and all smiles announced "Well. . .looks to me we might be having one of those in our own family one of these years. . ." which was met with a lot of cheers, hooting, ribbing, down right approval. . .and his brothers jostled with us, etc.
Later Peter and i were talking about the evening and he said "I knew they were OK with it, with us definitely, but I was amazed at all the rowdy support!" My feelings too. It was and is wonderful.

Whew! When I got home I told my parents all that had transpired at supper. . . .they just sat there smiling, laughing with me, nice and cozy.

I don't know IF we will ever get married. . .we can do that here in the Commonweath of Massachusetts. . . .except not in the Catholic Church. . .YET!!! But it is awesome to know how the families love and approve and accept our love. . . .and, how they love us !

I am still in awe of how vacation has begun!


NOW. . .here a little ey-candy. . . munch. . .munch. . . hehe


Gary Kelly said...

The acceptance of the relationship between you and Peter by his folks is extraordinary in my experience. Attitude can make such a profound difference. Perhaps the example you and Peter set has a lot to do with everyone's acceptance.

Funny you should talk about dry walling. I watched the New Inventors on telly last night and one of the inventors designed a small machine that cuts a thin strip off the edge of a sheet of plasterboard so that when two edges are joined, filled and smoothed, the joint is perfectly flat.

Enjoy your summer!

Jabacue said...

Dry wall installer!? They are soooo heavy and awkward. I'm impressed.
I know you are aware of how fortunate you are to have all that family support for Peter and yourself. It is so up lifting to hear.
Don't wait for the RCC to change will be too old.....get married when you are ready and you can still remain in the church.

Stew said...

We can't always right the wrong by riding in on our white horse and saving the day. But we can enjoy what we have an set a good shining example for those who are living in the dark ages. Slowly, we are changing the world and our families. Keep up the good work.

Enjoy your summer and those warm ocean breezes with that someone special.

J said...

What a lovely vignette about your dinner. I've thought that the most excellent of social events is the dinner party with intelligent and loving friends.

Coop said...

I'm so glad to hear that Peter's family supports you guys as vocally as they do.

I've decided that many homophobes these days (religious groups, certain countries, etc. etc.) have a need for Power. THEY choose who gets into heaven and has a little dignity here on there. It makes them better than the rest of us.

I don't think it applies only to the LGBT community. Look at what the African ethnic groups do to each other over there... all the apartheid and slaughter. Some followers of Islam and some Christians will condemn anybody for anything.

Gary Kelly said...

BTW, that bloke you posted with the hairy pits, if he phones can you tell him for me that I've got a headache?

JustinO'Shea said...

Awww. . . poor baby. . .headache? Pity.. . .hmmm. . .here. . .let me rub some Tiger Balm on your forehead. . . .there. . . . there. . . ;-)

PhotosbyErich said...

Erich says maybe his butt's a bit sore from working out at the YMCA today. How liberal would you be with that Tiger Balm Justin?

Okay... Just kidding!

But congrats on the great start to your summer!

Jack Greenman said...

I wrote this rather long solid comment and then my browser froze up solid.

So to say it all again, but not really, I'm glad you're home, great weather for it. That and I HATE drywalling, it was the one thing most of my friends and I decided we never wanted to do lol, maybe because we are all horrible at it. So you get some extra respect for that one.

Wahoo dude,

PS: Sorry, been kinda a hermit lately.

Gary Kelly said...

I agree with J about dinner parties with intelligent company being the most excellent of social events. I'm not entirely sure why good food, wine and conversation go together so well but they certainly do.