Thursday, June 12, 2014

RICHARD  thought we might be interested in this article about the Rev Fred Phelps and his son. . . ..and "life in the family".

Some "good news" there. . . .;-))



Radical Joe said...

This story that Fred Phelps son is
trying to tell, knocks me out.
What one man's hate and abuse has
done to his own family. It is like the devil is very alive and well. It was in him now his followers, after he has left life on earth.

J said...

I know I'm no Christian, because all I ever wanted to do with the Westboro crowd is to beat the fool out of them.

Gary Kelly said...

Wishful thinking, J. You can't beat the fool out of anyone who is a fool to begin with. Fool is not the same as foolish, which isn't necessarily a permanent condition.

Christians believe that everyone has the potential to be saved. I don't agree. Good and evil are not independent of each other. Without one, the other could not exist... like light and darkness.