Tuesday, February 11, 2014

re MIKE SAM. . . ."out"


Panic in the Locker Room!

Let me get this, um, straight: Some N.F.L. players can withstand crushing tackles but not an openly gay teammate?


Gary Kelly said...

Why most homophobes imagine they are attractive to gays is beyond me. Especially 300 pound gorillas. As some bright spark once said, the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Love the humor used in that article, though. Judy Garland indeed!

Anonymous said...

Frank Bruni, wrote a very good article, for the NYT. He is their
out of the closet writer. So would the world come an end if we
have mingling of straights and gays. These Christian Hard Heads
have shown us how they feel about
gay boy scouts, and pulled THEIR so called God loving boys from any disruption of their teaching-how bad all Gays are.....I hope that the sports world, will see
that we are all humans, with different sexual needs and how everything will turn out for the better. Let us pray that, we can live in harmony. I haven't seen
the gays in other sports being tread on, and we have to see that
as a good future. Football is Macho Macho, and hurt just as much as everyone, no matter what walk of life we come from.


Justin, we all need to step back
and see how Football will accept
any and all gays. We are all humans and need to be treated equally. Frank Bruni had a very
good article. He is an openly
gay writer whom has experienced the gay life. Many black players
have played with gay players coming out after retiring and they
said they never had a prob with anyone. They also said they have
stuggled for equality and they know what gays are going thru.

Coop said...

I like what Donte Scallworth (don't ask me if I've written his name correctly) said. If a team is worried about the distractions a gay player will cause, they are not ready to have a gay player on the team.

Note how many negative comments were made by people wishing to remain anonymous.

I've also paid enough attention to know that the dumbass clowns in the sport (of which Vilma is one) get way too much attention for the stuff that comes out of their mouths.

gp said...

"And it’s illogical. 'Every player knows that they are playing or have played with gay guys,' John Amaechi"

Exactly. This is why "Don't ask don't tell" is every bit as asinine in the sports world as it was in the military. Are college kids in a dorm so much braver than Marines or NFL athletes?