Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Duck Controversy. . . . .

I asked our legal friend J to prepare some comments and his thoughts on this fiasco arising from the TVcancelation of this virulently ant-gay TV personality.  He seems to have become
the spokesperson for the rednecks of our country.

If you are / have been following this"cat n' dog fight" going on, you are welcome to post your  comments on TheDunes.

Peace on earth. . . .Justin

The Duck Fight
     I’ve been pondering the controversy over Phil Robertson’s public embracement of the more venal pronouncements of St. Paul, particularly Paul’s assertion that sodomites, adulterers et alia would never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Do Robertson’s beliefs justify silencing him, as our gay brethren  would have it?

     We should start with the observation that this is not a constitutional issue at all, since we are not dealing with the actions of a state, but rather a business decision by A&E network. 

 Nonetheless, is society enhanced by banning all exposure to the primitive, the offensive and the merely politically incorrect?  This reminds me of an historic incident that occurred  in France before Napoleon’s initial fall from power.  He had received word that some key aides, especially his foreign minister Prince Talleyrand, were planning for his departure from the scene.  Napoleon summoned the great diplomat to an audience before the marshals of France and blistered him with invective, calling him “a turd in a silk stocking”.  When Napoleon left Talleyrand observed, “Pity so great a man was so poorly brought up.”

     Phil Robertson obviously was brought up to believe in the literal truth of the Bible, and his family’s embrace of biblical values, whether we like it or not, has made his show a big success.  He is a redneck icon, the Christian Ayatollah of the bayous.  He and his family are also a counterpoint to other reality shows that I think are much more offensive, such as those vulgar and promiscuous Kardashians, new housewives and Jersey Shore party animals.  Would we be better off without such rubbish?  Talleyrand might well think so, preferring a bland refinement,  but I don’t.  There’s something about these colorful characters that are emblematic of human motivation as a whole.  Whether we like it or not, when they show us all the warts we are looking at the dark recesses of ourselves.   A&E made a mistake.


jimm said...

I pretty much agree with J, a rare day hmmm?

Robertson also seems to believe because the African-Americans he worked with didn't complain, there were no hardships during the 'Jim Crow' era which he grew up in. Plain and simple, he chose to be ignorant.

I confess to watching a few episodes. The show does have its southern brand of humor. But like most (un)reality shows, seems like I have to dumb-down in order to watch these on a daily basis. And that's what scares me, that so many ppl do watch these programs. I can see watching Pawn Stars, because you can actually learn something, but what do you gain from watching Duck Dynasty and the likes? If this is what entertains you, then why not check out your own realities?

And like Denny's, I don't see myself frequenting the white-Cracker Barrel anytime soon.


Justin, I have a nephew in Texas,
part of his facebook words were,
"Whatever opinions you or I have, another person is free to have and share their own. I you don't like it, walk away, have a conversation, or turn off your tv." Just a thought from a waiter in Arizona.

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, it's rather like Mae West's comment when asked "isn't life wonderful?" and she replied, "compared to what?" Hehe.

We judge all things by making comparisons, so I agree with J.

Coop said...

There was no reason for this stuff in the first place. Someone who doesn't like Phil's views does not have to watch the show.

gp said...

There were a few of us who found his racist "white-washing" of history pretty offensive: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2013/12/phil-robertsons-america/282555/

J said...

Nice comments, gentlemen. Regarding Jim Crow, it is important to remember that Phil Robertson was indeed dirt poor when he was a child in the '50's, and the only reason he got a college degree in engineering was because he was a superlative quarterback. His teammate Terry Bradshaw claims Robertson could have had a pro career, but he genuinely loved duck hunting more than football. He remained poor until he invented and patented his duck call. I don't think the man's a racist. He genuinely believes that black people in this country, and their cause, have been gravely injured by the socialism and entitlement mentality promoted by those who pass themselves off as black leaders.


Justin, How we all get caught up
in the world of money of tv ratings.
A&E is owned by Disney......Yeah.
The more they stir up the Public, the higher their advertising rates
go up. And now that all is LOL,
back to normal. What was it all about. Guess we shouldn't be so
quick about our thoughts. I have
never watched the show and hope
my mentality never stoops that LOW............