Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Dear Friends and Neighbors, ALL Y'ALL. . . 

It is so good to be home on the Cape where the weather has been wild, like some of the inhabitants.  . . lol. . .and being HOME brings with it another kind of busyness. . . EVERYone is here. . from Grandmama Bouvier to the neice and nephews. . . Mother likes to "preside". . .i.e., allow everyone their space and freedom. . 
as long as it does not conflict with the Lady-of-the-House's plans.
You know the routine. ho ho ho

Father-Uncle John is on his way so we will be celebrating our family Midnight Mass tonight and all that goes with that.
However you celebrate these holi-days or not, I want to offer you
my respect, joy and richness in having you in my life and wish for you ALL that I wish for the O'Sheas and DaSilvas and for myself and Peter. . . .may your lives enjoy the abundance of this season
and experience a bit more this year the reason we celebrate it.

This video expresses well "the reason for the season" for those who celebrate it and since I want the best for you . ..this is how I express it. . . you only need adapt the words to your existential reality and enjoy the fulness of life.

May your hearts be merry !

Justin and Peter



Gary Kelly said...

It's Christmas morning here, JustinO, so may I take this opp to wish you, Peter and your families, as well as all the Dunes followers, the merriest of merries and jolliest of jollies for the season and beyond. Hallelujah!

jimm said...

Christmas eve, im here by myself,with a plate full of cookies for company. It's gonna be a white Christmas so tomorrow I guess i will just dig out the camera and take a hike.

Wishing you all the best!

GreginAdelaide said...

Justin and Peter, I wish you both all the very best in this world. You are two very lucky people, remember that... and I am lucky to at least know a little part of you Justin, it helps with my faith in humanity, in this world.

It's Christmas night eve here.. 6pm, it's been a wonderful day spent with very good friends and soon I'm off to rejoin them with more of our mutual friends in their traditional Christmas Night "Family Free Zone" .... lol, because as you would know, and from the sound of it, not by experience, Christmas can bring out the worst in some people/families.
My friends who host this evening have certainly not been immune from this affliction so many years ago, the decided on a Rest and Recovery even away from troublesome family... only good friends (and some good family) are allowed... it tops a good festive day.


Justin, is the Beautiful Picture of Peter. He looks so Joyful.
Just guessing.........

Coop said...

A (belated) Merry Christmas to everyone.

Richard said...

May 2014 be a much better year for us all.

This year saw me losing my partner of 30 years and you with a serious illness.

Here's hoping that the coming year gives us all what we need.