Saturday, May 11, 2013

OK to cry?

G'day Dr. JKO,
Here's one for you from the Beeb.

Is it ever right for a therapist to cry?


Gary, my immediate reaction is "Of course! Why wouldn't it be?!  When a patient is sharing deep pain and sorrow with me I think it would be only normal for some tears to quietly come.?"  I don't mean "falling apart and weeping uncontrollably".   


Mind Of Mine said...

I don't know, its a complicated one. If I am paying a therapist, I want her non objective opinion. If he or she is crying, I would question if they were actually able to be objective when it came to assessing my problems.

Gary Kelly said...

Good point, MoM. It is complicated, and I'm wondering what the official etiquette is. Perhaps Dr O'S can shed a bit of light on that aspect.