For those “Dunes” visitors who have never had the opportunity to see beautiful Provincetown at its finest, here’s a truly great compilation of 100 hours of video cut down to six minutes or so which manages to show much of what makes downtown Ptown so much fun.  Granted, this particular video does slight much of the Cape Cod National Seashore,  Long Point (and bare bottoms), and Dunes wildlife. J  It does, however, show us a particularly wonderful bakery at 2:17.

Watching this just makes me want to drive the eight hours from my place to the Cape once again, just so that I can smell the sweat, the suntan lotion, and the sweet smells of freshly-made fudge and candy.

Bring on summer!!

AND. . . . .away we gooooooooooooooooo. .  ..

Thanks, Richard, does the heart good and breathing pick up. . . and. . .and. . ..seeing in
the dark. . . .whoooo weeeeeee. . .LOL