G'day JustinO,
Not sure if you guys can receive stuff from ABC TV here in Oz but here's a link to a 1/2 hour program called One Plus One. In the first half, there's an interview with a transgender person who began as a cross-dresser in his teens. He married, fathered 3 girls and lived a relatively normal life until his '50s when his marriage broke up, and he became estranged from his wife and 2 of his daughters because he wanted to become a woman.
In the second half, there's an interview with futurist Jason Silva who talks about how humanity has constantly challenged its biological limitations. These days, we can do all kinds of things that were once considered impossible. His ideas got me to thinking about the same sex marriage issue... challenging the traditional belief that marriage and raising a family is exclusively the role a man and a woman. Another biological limitation to be overcome? Why not?

OK, Gary. . .let's give it a try. . . . ;-)