Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Dear, dear Radical Joe. . .  you go to the root of things crying out in the cold "JUSTIN, where are you?. . . Talk to ME. . . .Talk to us. . ."

Well, dear Rad, I am here. . . right here, right now. . . I am doing what I am learning to DO. . . . .I LIVE!  Yes, I LIVE, one moment at a time. . .that is what I have to give you, to share with you. . . the NOW-ness of who and how I am. . .  .And in the learning the doctors tell me I am healing. . . I am becoming more healthy. . . .

Guys say to me "O'Shea, what do you do???!!!"  I can now reply. . .calmly, peaceably, gently:  MAN I LIVE !  As I go thru my daily routine I take the meds prescribed for me. . . .and these are restoring my inner man. . . the inner balance. . . .that precious harmony which is the Spirit of God living and working within us. . .more pointedly, the Spirit of the Living God alive and active in me. . . .WoW. . .it is marvelous when I think about it.
I have one group of Psych 1 students with whom I meet three mornings a week. . . and we talk. . . yeah, talk. . . .really talk.  Plus I am available at the on Campus Clinic for those seeking "more talk", more sharing at various times in the day to those seeking more private chat. 

Dear RAD, that is what I do, where I am.  We are all united in that love in which we live and move and have our being. . .

I am living alone, totally united with you all in our different and separate ways. . . .living and loving.. . .growing.  In a way I guess I am like a "junior monk". . . . .learning how to live truly seeking God, as St Benedict asks of the beginner "Does he truly seek God. . Is he zealous for the Work of God. . .?"

That's what I am doing, Dear Rad. . . . .How about you?

. . .with my love and prayer, trying as best I can. . .all the days of my life. . ."

your brother JustinO. . . .in the Urban Dunes 



jimm said...

"restoring my inner man"

hmmm... I like that! I shall start searching for MY inner man...

And today Gary resurfaced! Good day for all!!!

Jim said...

Justin, good to see you are on the road to health and happiness. What a road it has been for you. Sounds like you are in control and steering that ole jalopy straight ahead.
I am happy to hear you are back at what you love to do.
All the best, Justin.

Coop said...

I was thinking about you the other day, Justino :)

I disagree with 2 m Jimm. Does our "inner man" need restoring? Isn't he more than the sum of the parts
organs and rib cage and all that jazz?

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, everyOne and All. . .and, there is more to tell. . .hehe. . when I make the time to write what and how I want. . .
Practically 'choking' trying to contain my 'contentment' and 'excitememt' about living. . . I saw my cardiologist on Tuesday. . .excellent meeting and results. . . a bit detailed but simple and good.
Maybe I will have time to 'write' this afternoon when I am 'on call' at the Clinic. . .let's see. . .