Monday, October 6, 2014

A Message from Gary. . .09/24.14T

This thoughtful email arrived from Gary right during the "recent mess" that was happening.  Gary's kindness and thoughtfulness touched me in 'deep places' and I've wanted to share this with you all.  Seems to me, he has something to share with each one of us.

As often is quipped, wisdom does and can come with "the Gift of Aging" and hopefully we can all learn from your shared experiences. Please remember Gary in your thoughts and prayers these days.  I learned from "out of somewhere" that he is going thru some more of his "own life experiences" with added "unsought life experiences".

Gary's email. . . .

G'day JustinO,
Remember that little kid who rode his trike around the veranda? He's long gone now, left behind as JustinO grew older. So is the JustinO of a few years ago who started the Dunes. The older, more mature JustinO is a different person these days, with different priorities and interests. That's the way life works. Nothing stays the same.
Mind you, it's a little different for us older blokes. We tend to remain the same for longer. And when change does occur, which it inevitably does, it's less frequent and apparent.
So if you're feeling a little guilty about losing interest in the Dunes, or simply have too many other things on your plate to spare the time, don't. Moving on is part of life.



J said...

I don't know what Gary is facing right now, but I'm sure the crisis you have just sustained may be overcome with a little planning and caution. Hang in there.

GreginAdelaide said...

Well said Gary

Jim said...

Yes, well said, Gary. Thanks.
Funny how we get these 'messages' when we really need and appreciate them.

Patrick said...


Sage wisdom, as always. Please know that you remain in my thoughts each day. May you continue to find the strength and peace to carry on.

As for Justin, I do think a sign of his recovery would be to experience him "jumping up and down in place." He has been way to calm for some time. If anyone can get him riled up, it is you. Work on it! It would be good for both of you....and all of us!

Be strong.


Stew Adams said...

It is true, life is constantly changing. Constantly teaching. Our experiences, good and bad, make us who we are. Enjoy the ride for what it is and know that everything happens for a reason. And sometimes, the unplanned is way better than what we thought we thought we wanted.

Gary Kelly said...

Jumping up and down in the one spot, is the phrase, Patrick (my middle name). Another Aussie phrase is spitting the dummy (pacifier).

As to carrying on, my older bro said he was impressed with my ability to face adversity, so I asked him what the alternative was hehe.

Anyway, JustinO will be okay... he's made of pretty stern stuff, and he's blessed with a great sense of humor, nyuk, nyuk, ho ho ho. Humor can work miracles.

Gary Kelly said...

And Stew... it's true that the unplanned can be a better way sometimes but it helps if you accept it and make the best of it.

Radical Joe said...

Justin, Gary is a good and thoughtful person. We are
all hoping that your silent heart
attack, is bringing you back to
a more than Healthy Justin. We are still Praying and Loving You as Always.