Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jesuit Fr James Martin says those who COMEOUT deserve Catholic Support

A couple articles on the matter. . . .

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Article re Nazi- martyred Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Fr Martin is becoming increasingly outspoken on GLBTetc issues. . . so far no "official clap-trap" . 


Coop said...

I'm sure Fr Martin makes a compelling case. From where I sit, he's preachin to the choir.

You should read his new book, Justi

Radical Joe said...

Justin, it looks like the Roman
Catholic Church USA, is starting to get in step with Pope Francis.
Along with his love of all Humans,
he is also telling the churches in
the USA to drop all LATIN in saying the mass, and go to the
language of the Country they live
in. There are 3 churches in NYC
that are still using Latin, Cardinal Dolan, is closing Holy Innocents, and is making sure that
the other 2, follow the English language. Were you back 2 articles ago saying that there was
a man in Italy that you very well
like? I am guessing that it may
be Pope Francis.

gp said...

A question (if there's a relatively simple answer): do Jesuit priests have to answer to their local bishop/archbishop or is the line of authority within the Order itself?

And btw, good to see you blogging again Justin!

JustinO'Shea said...

Are you reading Fr Mattin's new book? If so why not give us a little resume. . .? :-)

Coopsta, was thinking about you today, wondering what you are doing. . thinking. . hehe. . .ooopsss. . and. . ???


JustinO'Shea said...

Priests who are members of 'religious orders' are all 'subject' like all other Catholics to the 'authority' of the bishop of the place where they live.

Within the Order or Society members are under the jurisdiction of their own brothers-authority. Most religious members live "in community" and usually there is one priest or brother who is 'the convenor' the 'organizer' and so forth for 'orderly living' in s community of men -- or women -- all set "for the common good."

Yes, such communities Do have bosses, someone 'in charge'. to whom the members are accountable.Sometimes these superiors are appointed by the higher-up-bosses. . .other times superiors are elected by the local members for a designated period of time.

gp said...

Thanks for the info Justin!

JustinO'Shea said...

My pleasure, GP. . . ;-))

Gary Kelly said...

The trouble with outspoken people like Jesuit Fr James Martin is that they're likely to convince some believers that between black and white there are many shades of gray, and that nothing is set in concrete. Strict dogma helps to keep the flock in line ya know... saves them from having to think for themselves.

JustinO'Shea said...

And wouldn't that be catastrophic !!!
There are still some "freedom fighters" lurking/working in the wings, as it were. . ..ahem. . ;-)
n'est-ce pas?