Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dear Friends and Neighbors - Fellow Dunesters, Wandering Wondering Minstrels and Assorted Street Persons - to All the Wonder-filled People I have met here on The Dunes, in your public and private posts and communiques. . . . HELLO.!
Peace and All Good Things.   ;-)  [Sorta sounds like that Fellow in Rome. . .well, just a little bit, in my imagination, and so forth. . .that Gentle Man whom I admire so much, and love the more I read him and observe his actions. . . .]

Let me try to explain my absence. . . a least a little bit. . .anyway. . .I reached a point at the end of the scholastic year at University where I felt like I "had had it Up The Whazooooo" and needed to back away  from a lot of extraneous activities
so I could be able to sanely complete the year, get all the paper-work and forms filled out, etc, so that I would be able to say to myself "There. . .I've done my work, I've served my commitments as best I can now. . . Now I need to take some real quality time for me. . . I need to get back 'on track' with real time to "think my own thoughts and feel my own feelings".

I remember a Latin teacher in high school who'd drop little sayings, odds and ends. . . One of them was : No one gives what he does not have. . . Nemo dat quod non habet. .   That is how I was beginning to feel. . . .so state it simply.  I needed to "get away" and so I did.  I decided to get away from the classrooms and lecture halls, the private counselling office.  Before my work at University was done I had nailed down a job for the summer:  I went back to construction work. . .one of my early loves. . . .particularly in the area of hanging dry-wall. . . taping and finishing corners. . . clean open places where I could not "hide".  In my earlier years I had become rather good at it and, better still, I liked what I was doing. . . I could get absorbed in my work and just let go of so many other things from my every-day life which had become so consumming.  So, every morning early I went "out to play". . . .and got paid for it.  I was on "summer break" and found myself loving this more and more each day. . . .and how shall I say this?. . . .I found myself "getting cleaner and cleaner" each day. . .more in touch with "the real". . . my real.

I didn't become a hermit or retreat into "the anti-social". . contraire. . . the more I came into touch with me. . . .with Justin as he is and wants and hopes to be. . . .the more I was in contact on a deep-down gutsy level with the people with whom I lived and worked and played. . . the important people in my life and those new people becoming more important in my life.

In a lot of ways I am surprised how quickly the summer has gone by. . . .sorta like the White Sharks. . .they moved in, attracted, entertained, frightened, confronted. . . . .and moved on. . . .that's kinda how my summer has been.  It won't be long before I shall be heading back to campus. . .beginning "a new year" and a new phase of life and love. . . .more and more open to the awesome adventure life is. has been and will continue to be. . . .always trying to touch it and let life touch me, as "IT" unfolds. . . .

With this brief attempt at sharing  Justin Dunes will be up and running and open for business and busyness with and for whomever wants to drop by and say HI. . and "here's what's up and running. . ."   and see what it takes us.

Thanks for the many ways in which and how and that you care. . . .this is a precious special part of my life. . .our life. . .and I am grateful.
. . . . .with much love and sincere affection. . . .yepper. . . .;-)). . JUSTIN


jimm said...

Ahhh...young Grasshopper... welcome back!

Your accomplishments in construction can be measured in days, while your accomplishments at University will be measured in years; one with 'things', the other with people.

An Assorted Street Person,
Master PO


Joe said...

Justin, your absolutely right. Sometimes we just have to step back and get a different perspective, even checking out for a little while helps,with that perspective. I hope you're back soon. It sounds like you had a nice summer.

GreginAdelaide said...

Great to see you are more in the land of living than ever.

Space for oneself is often hard to steal, boy, just ask me! So you sometimes just have to make it.

I've been trying to change my working life, and have made some big changes that will, eventually, make more time for meeeee!

Can't wait, even the promise of it has lifted me.

Yeps, change is good, often a necessity. It can give one a whole new perspective and, life.

Richard said...


Welcome back, dude. Every day this summer I have been checking my downloads to see if anything new from the Cape had arrived in my email, and yesterday it finally happened.

As a man who has spent most of his life exercising my intellect, rather than my muscles, I greatly appreciate the work of skilled craftsmen.

One of my former bosses, the late John Gardner--a remarkable philosopher and former secretary of the U. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare during the Johnson era--once observed:

"The society which scorns excellence in plumbing as a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy: neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water."

I hope that your manual labor this summer has refreshed your spirit and increased your desire to return to academia this fall.


Gary Kelly said...

Yes, it's a good thing to prioritize your priorities... and you're welcome to rephrase that, JustinO. Ask a bricklayer how many bricks he lays at a time and he'll share the secret of life with you.
Meanwhile, I spent a while in hospital battling pneumonia, which knocked me about a bit. I'm recovering though... slowly. Gotta take better care of myself!
BTW, you're the first shrink I've known who's into dry walls. Takes all kinds, ya know.

J said...

This had to happen. I thought it a bit strange you didn't take any real time off after getting your doctorate. Nonetheless, it's good to know you are still with us.

JustinO'Shea said...

JIMM. . I like your comparison very much. . .construction measured in days. . university in years. . .

Thanks. Yes, I like this reminder very much. ;-))


Radical Joe said...

There many ways our life changes.
Justin, you love to be with people and you love alone time to
breathe. With the past year you have been through, no one can blame you. I know that being a confessional everyday, for so many clients and then teaching it back to students, must drain you. Emotions of Life are
sometimes harder to take, than working with your hands. I think that once I smell the wood being sawn, it takes over in my Blood veins and intoxicates my brain. I must then be on the edge of being a druggie.

Jim said...

Good to hear all is well Justin.
May it continue forever.

JustinO'Shea said...

ho ho ho JIM. you are too generous. . .and I like your generosity! The same for/with you. . ;-)

Stew Adams said...

You are not alone in needing a break. I'm happy to see that you recognize when that break is needed and do what you need to do and that you are doing well.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yes, STEW. . .the break. .the break. . .where you going on your 'break'? LOL. . .watch out for hurricanes. . ;-))

Radical Joe said...

Justin, I was looking back and reading over the comments on this posting. J said that it was a little strange that you didn't take time off after you had received your Doctorate. I well remember that you had under
gone a very serious operation last
summer, and you needed a much needed rest in order to recuperate
so you could get health fully restored. And while we are talking of doing dry wall, you may
someday like to hang up your shingle for a half year or so, and just do what you like. In doing the job of dry wall, you have your own mind to think and play with, and throw anything around. HUH.........