Thursday, April 10, 2014


This link opens to some interesting breakfast foods, among others.  Enjoy

G'day JustinO,
I noted that J asked me to contribute a recipe. Talking about food is a sore point cos I don't have my dentures yet, and won't till this damn exposed bone in my gum gets better, which is taking AGES. So it's mush I'm having for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bleh.
However, I am looking forward to eventually getting back to normal food and one of my ab fabs is the humble Jaffle. We call 'em Jaffle irons cos that was the brand name of the first irons in Oz. But I think the brand in the US is Toastie. It's a cast iron or aluminium, double handled camp iron that makes pies, toasted sandwiches, etc. But you can use them on a stove top just as well.
Rather than provide a recipe, I thought I'd pass on this web address of a Jaffle site that lists oodles of recipes, mostly simple and easy, that sound deeeeeelicious! The one I can't wait to try is for easy hash browns. But there are heaps of others too.
Bon appetite!


Gary Kelly said...

I put that URL in an email rather than make a comment on the tilapia recipe post cos I thought the link would be live. Grrrrr. Links are normally live in emails so I dunno what went wrong. It's worth the copy and paste though... There are some really great recipe ideas for jaffles/toasties. And sooooo easy!

JustinO'Shea said...

Gary, I saw a good number of recipes I know I'd enjoy. . . .;-))

J said...

Wha'd I tell ya! But what Mr. Kelly really needs to send is a few seafood recipes.

Gary Kelly said...

Allow me to cheat again, J. There's a British cooking show on telly I watch. Can't think of the chef's name but he's very much into vegies and fish. One time he set up a mobile kitchen in the street outside a fish monger's shop in an attempt to convince passers by to try fresh fish rather than frozen from the supermarket or cooked in a fish 'n' chip shop. He also wanted to show people how easy it is to cook fresh fish, especially sprinkled with a little olive oil, herbs, etc, and wrapped in foil to be baked in the oven.

Anyway, here's one from his web site - Mackerel with gooseberry and mint salsa (it also works with bream, sardines or trout). Trust me, this guy is good.