Friday, April 25, 2014

A Surprise at a Wedding

GARY sent this along for The DUNES.   I'd be very interested in your opinion / thinking  on this addition to a wedding ceremony. . . . please, if you have something you'd like to sat, please do it.   Thanks.    justin

G'day JustinO,
Here's something you'll appreciate. It's a big surprise at Chris and Leah's wedding from the priest officiating. Who are Chris and Leah? Dozen madder... it's the surprise that madders. Hope the link is live.


Gilbert Ball said...

That was awesome!! (from my hubby Steven)

Me.....well, dang it you got me crying again. What a treat to have your pastor sing and so darned well at your nuptials.

Radical Joe said...

Justin, Sorry when I go to this link, It says "Sorry Something Bad has Happened" I have tried it this afternoon, and now after 9PM.

Radical Joe said...

Even though I couldn't get the
video to come up, I knew exactly what you are talking about. Father Cohen, surprised every one at the wedding of this young couple in Ireland. What a Voice,
Father Cohen has. He must of made the trybride and groom more than
Happy.. Great Video--Almost all Irishmen are talented with their
Singing Talent. Right Justin...