Saturday, October 26, 2013

NEWS from The Land of OZ ?

I haven't seen much in the news recently about the dreadful fires way Down Under. . .Are y'all OK?  Safe?  Hope so.  I be praying for rain for all ye fine critters in OZ.

NOW, where is GARY?  I've seen nary a word from him of late. . . hmmm.  Maybe I missed something during my "indecisive days" when I "didn't know where I'd left my head". . .ho ho ho. . Did
The Garr-Man take off for his Grand Tour d'OZ?  Anybody hear from him?  GARRY, are you OK. . speak up, bro. . .let us all know.

Last post-OP visit and summary:
I had my visit with my neurosurgeon a few days ago.  The first time she has seen me without paralysis and the twisted face. . .esp mouth.  She was grinning from ear to ear and very, very pleased.
For all practical purposes the paralysis is gone, mostly.  For better or for worse --- (personally I LIKE the current results!!!)  Still a spot above my right eyebrow which doesn't move as much as the other one.  Still some numbness in the scar=areas and entry into my head where the bulk of the surgical scars are located.  As far as I can see the healed scars don't seem to show much at all. Wonderful "sewing". . .a  lot of it is glue-work.  When is healing is done, the glue just 'dries up' and peels away. . .and after a while you can see much of the healed incisions.  Awesome skill.  She says I heal well.
At the beginning I was not able to close my right eye-lid and keep it closed. When I slept that eye would be wide open, onscenely staring out into space. . .blank.  There was fear/danger of eye-dryness and then loss of vision.

At some point in the 9=hours work-over another surgeon skilled in facial reconstruction entered the OP arena and made an incision in my eyelid and inserted my very own *bling*. . . .a small gold bar was inserted between layers of the eyelid and sewn in place to weight the eyelid so when I closed it in sleep it would stay closed and not *pop*  open to stare into the darkness.

As time goes on and if it becomes too heavy. . . .like sometimes now I realize when I am reading or typing that that eye is closed and I have to open it and concentrate for a while to keep it open. .
so if that continues it will be removed.

I told the MD that I'd have a small hole drilled in it, polish the gold bar and wear it on a tiny gold chain.  ho ho ho. . .Bling!  Well, it cost enough!  hahaaa   Why not?  Custom-made bling-bling. . ;-)

She says  I am very very lucky. . . .there wasn't cancer and the facial nerves were not totally destroyed. . . and contrary to old biology the nerves do regenerate. . . . a part of the tumor was necrotic. . . .you know what happens to dead flesh. . . . .eewwww.
and yet the nerves are "alive and well". . .;-)  "The God who created can recreate. . . " as one of the young residents on the team said to me "We can fix and repair the area. . . only God can fully restore those nerves. . ."

However it all works, I am extremely grateful for the outcome! ;-) and for your prayers, good energies and support.

                                                          J u s t i n O


jimm said...

Gary? Didn't you send him to his room????

So glad you are doing well. Maybe you should change the name from Justin Dunes to 'Justin Regenerated'.

Oh and, nice choppers on that pumpkin!!! Maybe Gary could borrow them? j/k j/k...

JustinO'Shea said... . you got it wrong. Gary sends me to MY room! LOL

Oh I be regenerated, in more ways than one. . and I totally approve.
Yepper! ;-)

Jim said...

Quite the ordeal indeed that you have been going through Justin. Very happy to hear that you are a good 'healer' and things are regenerating!! Don't you love that whole idea? I had a tiny sub-artery that did the same thing.
The more I get to 'know' you here the more I realize that you are an exceptional human being.....and at such a young age. It usually takes a lifetime for us humans to gather and share the wisdom that you have acquired as a 'kid'!
I wonder if you are aware that your 'healing powers' will be so beneficial to so many in the years ahead. Now don't let this go to your head!! lol

Stew Adams said...

Oh! That's a pumpkin. All this talk about your healing, I was worried for you that they had replaced your head with a jack-o-lantern like something out of the sleepy hallow story.
Good to read that you are progressing well. Life is not without it's scars. But remember, you will always be a beautiful man with a caring heart.

Gary Kelly said...

R. There, you can have that one back. There's only one r in Gary. I too am glad you're a good healer, JustinO. I wish my gums would follow suit - still waiting for teeth. No paralysis problems though, other than the brain.

No Big Lap of Oz yet, but I did venture out for a shakedown recently, 2 nights in the bush, and it all went pretty well.

As to commenting, what can I say about relationships? I usually comment on the comments rather than the articles - like a cat waiting to pounce on a mouse. Which reminds me, J has been conspicuous by his absence lately - no comment about the mess in congress.

But I do pop into the Dunes daily to see what's up. No doubt I'll have something to say about the painted buns when they're posted hehe.

GreginAdelaide said...

Great to hear Justin. Keep it up, the healing I mean tsk, tsk.

JustinO'Shea said...

And, GREG, what else could you possibly mean. . .? ho ho ho

tsk...tsk...tsk. . .no question there!!! LOL
Always ready. . hehe