Friday, October 4, 2013


Dear Friends and Neighbors, Lovers of The Dunes. . .

It has taken me all week to "get around to it". . .to write this farewell letter to you.  I find it hard to do. . . .I had not considered that. . . but my reality is such I must.

While my recovery has gone very well, and continues. . . the facial paralysis is almost gone and I am pretty much looking the way I used to. . .LOL. . . no magic tricks or miraculous transformations. . . at least not externally.  ;-)

After a month-plus back in classes and clinic work, etc, I am "dancing as fast as I can". . . and I just do not have the time and/or the energy to do even a semi=decent job with the blog.  If I cannot do a decent job with it, it is time to let it go.

I  have enjoyed  The Dunes very much. . . meeting and getting to know so many of you. . .you've become a lot like family. . .my family of choice.  I have learned so much here on The Dunes from your sharings, comments, kindness and support.  I shall miss YOU a LOT, coming here to post and explore ideas and read your adventures. . . .If any of you wish to contact me, drop in online to say HEY!. . . I am readily reached at
Eventually the blog pages will come down. . . .<sigh>

I wish for each and every one of YOU  an over-abundance of all the GOOD THINGS I hope and pray and wish for Peter and for myself. And. . .why not?  Wishing and thinking BIG expands the mind and heart and we all GROW. . . .whereas when we think and act small
we shrivel and shrink and get caught in only ourselves. . . and ourselves alone is never quite BIG ENOUGH.

As my Auntie Mame always says: " Dahlings, life is a banquet. . .and so many poor sonsabitches are starving to death. . .LIVE. . LIVE. .LOVE. . .and see what wonderful things happens."

It's been grand welcoming you and sharing with you on The Dunes:

MUCH LOVE. . peace, joy and . . . .above all I wish you LOVE !

                                                       justin o'shea


Gary Kelly said...

You've buggered up my morning routine, JustinO. But I'm not surprised - life is all about moving on - ships in the night, etc. Thanks for an interesting ride these past few years, and my best wishes for your future. I've been mixing in some pretty impressive circles here on the Dunes - lawyers, shrinks, academics - the kind of peeps whose paths I don't normally cross in my "real" life. However, that may change when I finally take off in my little motorhome to travel Oz. The launch is getting closer.

It would be nice if you and the Dunes regulars popped in to say g'day occasionally -

Meanwhile, thanks again for the opportunity to swap ideas with so many interesting peeps and to learn a thing or two along the way - and for the dancing lessons - I'll miss you jumping up and down in the one spot.

All the best, JustinO

Jim said...

Justin my boy, it has been my pleasure to meet someone like yourself. I wish you well and know you are making an impact on people who meet you. You make this a better world.
Thank you.

pat said...


Thanks for reminding me of that image....jumping up and down in one spot:) was so appropriate at times!
Thank you Justin. Work hard and love well. I'll keep in touch. Patrick


Dr. Justin O'Shea, I knew that everything Good always come to an
end. I hope you are not overwhelmed with emails, and are ok
to keep up. You have given me so much to live for. What if you left
up your Blog to help other young and old gays, to see how much you can give them help with your great
wisdom. You could just say at the beginning of your blog that you are gone and hope that this is of a help for all. I still read some of your old posts and get a great deal out of them. There are not any blogs that are left to help our community. The best to You and Peter, you deserve your privacy as well as your family. Looks like your season of fall and winter will be back shortly. There are tears of sadness, for the run was great. You are the Best of the best for such a young man.
God Bless You and Peter and your great family, for without them we
would never have met YOU.

gp said...

Wish you all the best Justin, thanks for sharing this blog with us. Meanwhile, i'll hold out hope that (as a friend's immigrant dad once said) you'll "exchange your mind" about closing up permanently.

GreginAdelaide said...

Hey fella, this is no big surprise, we all(?) knew this day would come and the pace of posts in the last month or three hinted that life was moving on for you.

So, all my best wishes to and for you and Peter for the future, whatever it may bring. It's been a pleasure and you have helped me to think about things, my life, who and where I am in a different light. Perhaps not what you said or posted in terms of guidance or advice, but more as a catalyst to self examine and consider the life "we" lead.

It has been a pleasure kind Sir, and funnily enough I do not feel sorrow at the passing of this interaction. I trust it has been as stimulating and valuable for you as it was for me.

Thank you very much.

Much Love,

jimm said...


idk... im feeling a bit numb. I understand. I get it.

Last night I rewatched 'Life of Pi'. For some reason this story reminds me of you. And it was you who turned me on to this movie.

Pi, Richard Parker, and the writer. And of course, the question: which story would you prefer?

You see, Justin... with much appreciation, like Pi, you have given me so much to think about. I hope this isn't goodbye.


Stew Adams said...

Often you caused me to stop and consider my choices. I feel the interaction here has been helpful to many even if they did not participate. It's time for Dr.O'Shea to move on and I respect that. But you've left a permanent imprint on my life as well as so many others. Farewell my friend. I know you will do well.
And if I don't see you in the near future, i'll see you in the far pasture.

Coop said...

I enjoyed interacting with each and everyone of "yous guys."
"Tha Doonz" has changed my life for the better.

I think we all knew this day would come. It's on to another chapter.
I wish everyone the best. (-:

Gilbert Ball said...

Ah man...Justin you will be missed. I enjoyed popping in and seeing what so here at The Dunes. travels in Oz.

Good luck friends