Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hola, Friends and Neighbors !
Here's brief summary of what happened. . .  .I did graduate earlier in the month but by that time the "stuff I told you about had made more progress" and so I didn't walk for much of graduation. . .my Man pushed my chair about. . .careful not to catch the copious academic hood in the wheels.  That'd been a sight to be seen.

A couple days after I was really sick and ready for a run-thru them Pearly Gates. No running. . . crawlin' was more like it.  Then on the 13th - one week ago today -  yeah yeah Happy Anniversary! --  at 8:30 I made my entrance under the lights with a cast of thousands. . .the surgery began. . . it ended nine hours later at 5:30.  I checked into my room in the hospital towards 10PM.  They tell me the hours in recovery were quite the show with me thinking I was competing with Justin Biebs. . . .ho ho ho.  Not on yer life.

I was discharged from the hospital the following morning and went home to my very owb bed-away-from-home at Gram's. . .Where Mom and Dad, the Man and I were camping out.  Gawd, I was tired and sore wicked all over.

Contrary to all expectations with this disease there is no malignancy. THANKS be to GOD.  I lost a sizeable tumor in my right cheek (face, face. . .) and a large infection.
While neatly done, the scars aka cut-lines are rather prominent. . . .left without hiding covers and bandaids to leave the areas exposed to God's Healing AIR. . . . and healing they are.  With your free hand trace an incision from top of your right ear, closely down the front side of the ear, then along the underside of the right jaw.  That = main working center.  Lower part of my throat a three inch incision closed up with SuperGlue. . .I kid you NOT!  Yepper. . .glue.   You all heard about the surgeon who closed up an aneurysm in a babies brain with SUperGlue and a hand made instrument. . . . Baby is doing fine. . . .so am I.

My surgeon called yesterday to tell me the final conclusive report from pathology was officially for real NO CANCER. .  .anywhere. . . free. . .clean. . .awesome.  I am feeling better every day. . . Oh that facial nerve. . .well it responded slightly to stimulation but not enough to do anything. . . so the right face paralysis is still part of my  Sticcckkktt.
That's be next. . . . .maybe. . .   . 

Yesterday I basked in the GLOW of a new lease on life and official confirmation of the non-malignant status of the tumor and stuff.  I sleep a lot. . .not into food much. . .but definitely into Gratitude!  Oh, and pain free. . . after the surgery the only soreness was from the large breathing tube shoved down my throat during the whole performance. . used to hurt when swallowing.  As for the inert facial nerves. . ..well, one step at a time! 

Be seein' All Y'ALL around The Dunes. . .

       Justin  O'Shea



Justin, no wonder I was praying for
you and going to mass almost daily
for you and did it, cause you were ill. Little to any of us, did we know of the shape you were in.
Thank you God for the NO CANCER, that will scare you more than you needed.
We are all blessed, and remember Justin, when you said we are all Family. Thank you for this news, we
all appreciate your well being.
Guess Peter realizes how much you
mean to him. This is True Love.
Take Care...............

Passingship said...

Bless your heart, Justin. You've reallly been through the wringer, both physically and mentally. Glad you have a strong support team and the prognosis is rosy. We've been praying for you.

DOn't feel leaving wounds open to air helps them to heal faster. That concept dates back to when they never changed dressings then found leaving it open made it heal faster because it didn't get infected. These days, with us knowing to change dressings so infections don't get going, healing and minimizing scarring can I think be better with dressings. Check into it. Maybe googling what people do after facelifts to minimize scarring.

Passingship said...

This website might be helpful as to wound care.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks for your suggestions. I am under my surgeon's care and see her tomorrow so I do as I am told. . .ask questions, , but she is the doctor. ;-))
And she does get paid. . LOL. . .and well, I might add. . LOL

J said...

I sure didn't know your infection was this involved, and with a tumor to boot. Was there any indication the infection was one of those invasive bacteria like MERSA? (Doesn't sound like it.) One thing's for sure: Boston's as good a place for treatment as any.

JustinO'Shea said...

Correctamente. . .and I have the best. . .yes. I see her tomorrow.

Mark said...

Hiya Justino Crikey wondered why so quiet Really feel for ya mate - you take care of yourself. I had a similar op in 2004 - scar now barely visible - but it took a hell of a long while to clear and settle - so dont rush yourself. Serious congrats on the degree!

Stew Adams said...

You've been on my mind a lot lately. Was wondering how it all was progressing.
It's these types of things that make us stronger and wiser. And more able to really help others the way you've always intended. But for now, recover well under the care of that wonderful man of yours and your loving family. Always be thankful for their love.
Wishing you the best.

JustinO'Shea said...

And I . in GRATITUDE. .THEM. . .and each and all herein someway connected . . . all ways yes . . . .

Gary Kelly said...

I thought you might have done something original like being kidnapped by aliens instead of doing the cancer thing like I did, JustinO. No prize for second ya know.

But I'm glad you're recovering well, and maintaining a positive attitude. My scar is just under the adam's apple, ear to ear. They used part of my arm to fill the void. I'm now one of the few people in the world who can open a jar of Vegemite with my neck muscles.

Those nasties certainly don't discriminate with regard to age. On the other hand, only the good die young, so that explains your recovery.

Some people would describe this event as a warning from God to mend your wicked ways. I'm glad you don't see it that way, mate. That's superstitious poppycock.

Now you can devote your time to more important things like helping people with serious mental disorders - such as Greg from Adelaide. I've noticed positive changes in him already hehe... so you're doing a fine job, Dr O'Shea.

All the best mate, and stay poz. The world needs blokes like you.

JustinO'Shea said...

GARY, thanks for your good words. As always, your are "dead on kind", the very much-alive variety of the species.
I intend to do as you suggest.

Today was another positive day with the surgeon. She likes the progress in a week's time. Since I do not need see her for 8 weeks we are packing up camp and heading back to The Dunes. That in itself is added "Balm in Gilead". Parting works "Get back to normal routines asap." woooo woooo

GreginAdelaide said...

Holy shit Batman!
That was both a good and bad news story I was not expecting.
So glad you are on the mend fella.

Yeah, there's a way to go by the sound of it....and the facial thing, what a real PITA that is... I really feel for ya.

Hope your recovery speeds along. Best of luck and I will be thinking of you even more.

And, as for you Mr Kelly, you'll keep, you'll get yours, I promise....haha!

JustinO'Shea said...

tsk. . .tsk. . tsk. . .LOL

J said...

You need to tell your doctors that if that super glue treatment leaves you with any Frankenstein scars a mob of angry peasants with pitchforks will descend upon them in short order.

JustinO'Shea said...

What a picture!!!! LOL

Coop said...

Obviously, I'm glad to hear you're all right. We've already chatted. :)
As far as the "look" of the scar goes, well you can do what you want. I was told after my last surgery how to treat the area around the scar so it would fade faster. Did I? nah. It's barely visible now.

I'm looking at a scar on my finger tip from a wound 20 years ago. I can still see it but maybe only because I know it's there.

Jim said...

Catching up here Justin.
I can understand keeping most of this to yourself till you know what the score is. 9 hours! WOW!
Here you are telling us about it! Good!
You are quite a character and one that I am happy to have met. You inspire and yet have a great way of looking at things. Think it may be the Irish blood, as I am married to an Irishman and you both have that 'light' spirit about yas.
Some time on the dunes will do you the world of good. Take care.