G'day JustinO,
Does Coopster come from around Boston? I think he does. Anyway, given that there may be a few Bostonians who are regulars on The Dunes, I thought this article and pic from Smithonian might be of interest. It's the oldest aerial photograph in existence (the first was of Paris 2 years earlier but no longer exists).

Thank you, Gary, for sending this on for THE DUNES. . . .interesting, trying to look back
and see from whence we came. . . .ahem!  ;-) [ "From whence we came" is a semi-classy way to express our roots. . . hehe.]

One of the things which caught my attention was the statement that Boston proper was 
already 230 years old when this aerial photo was taken  c. 1860. . . . .so Boston 1630 -
so young, as world-cities go!

Thanks again, Gary, for sending this along . . . .learn something new every day.

Hey, Coopster, can you eye-ball your ancestral place of origins?  lol. . .aaaah, the
mysteries of life. . . .;-)  Boston was awaiting the ravages of the Irish Potato Famine to push the O'Sheas off their rock[ers] and escape to the US of A,  And I do not think that
the Bouviers, long established in Quebec City and Montreal, had yet graced Boston's North Shore with their presence.

As for the O'Shea-Bouvier presence at The Cape, and at Chatham for our place on The Dunes, that didn't happen till after my parents married, and then moved eventually to our present location. (I was born, in fact, on/in the Dunes, surprising them all with my not-quite-expected arrival. . .it was the end of June and I couldn't wait any longer! LOL  They say I screamed  my arrival on The Dunes a quarter of a century ago. )  So we are relative new comers to Cape Cod, as ancestry goes..  They tell  me that some of the real Chatham old-times sometimes slip and refer to us as "that new place up the road a piece".   (Hmmm, never thought of myself as a "new piece" anywhere, especially "up the road". . .lmsao.. . .and I digress a great deal here!  Ooooppss . )

JustinO. . . .pretending to blush. ..slightly