Saturday, February 9, 2013

Straights More Stressed Than Gays

Good morning. . . ..a few tidbits,  to send you the article. about this study in Canada finding that str8 men are far more stressed out than gay/bi men.  Says we  have developed strategies for coping with negatives and stress-causing things in our lives far more than corresponding issues among str8s. . . and, though we don't know it cuz no one has told us, in general we are happier and freer than straight men.

Going with H's[a friend of ours] oft=quoting the study or scale which places homosexuality on a more/less sliding scale. . .if I am being correct in terms. Could it be that we bi/gay guys are more in tune with our 'natural selves', with out orientation, than straight guys over-stressing their heterosexuality. . .attempting to delete/block out even the slightest tinge of homosexual inclination/feelings. . . .which might come to surface on occasion. . ..satisfying temporarily but with 'consideration' after tend to bring on angst and fear. . ."what ifs". . ."suppose I really am. . ?" etc.. . . ..whereas gays who may have, on occasion, dabbled with, experimented with hetero - sex, afterwards do not go thru that angst producing self-examination of. . "am I really, deep down straight?"  Likely would never happen. . . .because being latently heterosexual is not the 'problem' being latently homosexual is in our society.  Thus the stress.,0,2481173.story

p.s.  Thought you might be interested in some of the areas I am working with.  This kind of speculation, backed with neuro-scientific fact/study, is fun and stimulating. One of the factors is all of the participants were my age.  Makes me more curious.
LOL.  Well. . ..takes all kinds.  ~~ justino 


jimm said...

hmmm... well, gay guys might be more focused, while str8 guys might multi-task too much. Gotta have a plan, right?

One thing i hear/read from gay teens is that their room was their best friend. So maybe they learn the benefits of 'downtime.'

As for str8 guys blocking out gay feelings, it's like admiring a healthy body. We all do it, but str8s are in denial.

Gary Kelly said...

I reckon the author has a point. Being straight, especially for young blokes, is all about "being a man" and proving how macho you are. Gay blokes don't have anything to prove (if they're out).

Richard said...

Justin, it's interesting speculation and food for possible research, but the scientific basis for this study seems rather weak.

Self-selection of the study group and the disparity between gays and lesbians when compared to their straight counterparts undermine any general applicability of this tiny study.

JustinO'Shea said...

Oh really? ;-)

Yes, there are weaknesses: sometimes you need to deal with what you've got -- i.e., who volunteers. . and continue to gather data. . always improving and expanding. It is a study: "a work of art in process". . .
Mostly these guys are my age, grad students, working on dissertations, etc. seeking to truly learn and be honest. . of course we get excited when we find such results. You cannot not remember when you were young. . .and discovering. . .?
Please, don't be too quick to dismiss. LOL Encourage the younger-then-thou. .

As for the scientific basis for this study, in defence I must say, the LATimes does NOT give much of any info there. . . you'd need to seek out the real data in other sources than the Times.
"Food for possible research"? IT IS RESEARCH report. . it is, to repeat, a work in process.. . it aint done yet. LOL

Richard said...

I just offered those comments as one who has sat on more than one doctoral dissertation panel. :)

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, Richard.

GreginAdelaide said...

I've not commented because I am trying to figure out what use this way or another, would prove or more to the point, benefit anyone?

I doubt it would be useful for treating/dealing with/guiding/helping individuals other than to know the general trend of the population? Surely we have to deal with the individuals...knowing the trend can only help in awareness and planning to meet needs?

I'm probably missing something (ie a lot) here.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yes, I think you are missing things here. . . ;-)) but do not worry bout it. . .don't try too hard. . and, sometime, when you least expect it, it will dawn on you. . .enlightenment. . .. ;-))

GreginAdelaide said...

I still me it's a no-brainer. To me, the answer to all the questions you pose is an obvious yes to me.
I thought everyone knew that? Well, everyone who had worked themselves out that is.

Once I worked out who I was, I had confidence and not the stress I did beforehand...I thought it obvious and everyone would come to the same conclusion....but then I am a kinda cut and dried obvious person, ha!