G'day JustinO,
Spent a day in Sydney a week ago to see the doc. I've lost a lotta weight so the oncologist ordered CT scans of my brain, throat, chest and abdomen. All clear. It's the fact that I still don't have dentures that's causing weight loss. And that's the way it'll be for at least another 3 months before there's any possibility of hyperbaric chamber therapy (like they give divers with the bends to oxygenate their bods) and an operation to remove exposed (dead) bone in my lower jaw. Smoothies and soup are okay but not ALL the time. Oh well... at least I'm cancer free. Just gummy.
While I was in Sydney, I video'd a ferry trip from Sydney Harbor around to Darling Harbor and did the big walk around, including parts of the city. It turned out pretty cool and made my visit to the Big Smoke worthwhile.