Friday, December 18, 2015

Good Day, Friends and Neighbors. . . .

A week till Christmas Day!  I am on break. . . from classes and campus, home on The Dunes.  I am taking a break from reading "term papers". . .remember those?
Some of them are quite good. . . and rewarding for the prof. . .hehe. . . I think they are quite acceptable.

This year has gone by  rather quickly, but in a "long sort of way". . . a lot of "same ole same ole. . ."  I will give you a brief resume.  A year ago my doctors were considering putting me on dialysis four days a week. . . Ouch.  According to "the famous books" I was a prime candidate since all the numbers from the various blood works and probing said so. . ." four days a week" connected to a cleansing machine. My disease level was serious, a "three"  etc.

However, my nephrologist and also the head of the nephrology department at the University Hospital disagreed.  He said "I do more than read the books; I read the patient.  You don't look like you are ready for that yet. . . I want to try some meds with you."  So we did.

The long and short of it. . . within two months the numbers began to improve. By the first of May the blood clot in my heart had "disappeared". . .gone. . .no trace.
Then I celebrated American Independence Day hospitalized for five days with pneumonia!  In the middle of the summer.  I hear I said some silly/strange things when I was filled with anti-biotics.  The staff didn't tell me what I had said; my friends were kind: they hinted!

A doctor was reading my chart and he read a notation from the middle-of-the- night staff.  Patient needed to urinate. Nurse brought him a urinal and stood there waiting. . .I wasn't allowed out of bed.  Well, of course I suffer from "stage fright" and nothing was forthcoming.  [LOL]  Nurse told me to hurry up. I yelled at her. . .I sort of remember this part:  "Get the hell out of here so I can pee!"
She did. . . .and I did.  ho ho ho..

Anyway in the past months my blood=test numbers are all acceptable. . . .except for uric acid: that is low. Not good.  But with all the rest of the test I have reached a good and balanced level. . .a very respectable level that we want to maintain.  My kidney and my heart men are quite satisfied, pleased.

Finally I can say I feel pretty good.  Still tire easily.  Must watch my diet. . what and how much, etc.  I keep daily records .. .weight, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen workings, etc morning and evening.  One of my buddies in biostatistics keeps/prepare a regular record, graphs and charts.  My doctor just needs to look at the graph and he can tell how I am doing. . . And, happy, to share:  I am doing very well.

The comment was made: you are/ we are correcting your condition. . .it is working well.  My kidney doc explained it like this. . . this is the result of the happy marriage of faith-prayer and modern medicine.  "I believe. We all asked. I accepted the healing. "  So I keep on believing, asking and accepting. . .I continue on our program. . one day at a time.

I have been teaching one section of intro-psych three days a week this past semester.  The program director has been most cooperative and accommodating.
I put in a nuber of hours, available at the clinic.  This is a comfortable schedule right now.

A lot of this is repetitious; sorry about that.  I guess I get carried away with all this.  It is a new and exciting period in my life and one way to show my gratitude is to tell you. . THANK YOU.

I wish you all Happy Holidays. . .Given the conditions in our world and our times we have very much to be grateful for. . . .ultimately if we treat other people the way we want to be treated things would be a lot easier. . .for ALL of US.

May your hearts be merry and bright. . . .forget the white-stuff. . .LOL

love and hugs,


jimm said...

Justin bro! Yer good!

stage fright??? yah... no peeking!

No white stuff??? hmmmmm...

Its been a difficult year thats finishing on the upside. so good to hear from ya!

John G said...

Damn, Justin, you've really been through the wringer. What's most impressive is your positive mental attitude. If there ever is any justice in this old universe you soon should be back pursuing your career at full speed. Please keep dropping notes about your progress. As for now, may you and your family have the merriest of Christmases. You know you're a bit like Scarlett O'Hara; you derive sustenance from the land of your home,even if it's a set of dunes on the Cape.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, John. The same to you and more. While various comparisons have been insinuated, I must say this is the first time I know of where I have been compared to Scarlet O'Hara! LOL hmmm. . .Scarlet O'Shea. . .Ma foi. . ho ho ho . . .but I do see your point. . and Yes, you are right on correct! Have a Merry. . yepper. justin

Coop said...

A very much belated Merry Christmas and Happy Noo Yeahh to you, Justino. I'm glad to see the blog is back.