Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hello Everybody near and far.

A few days ago Rad Joe sent me this note.   I am including my response to Joe and now to all of you as it gives a few details to how and how I am doing and
my "current thinking". . lol  I feel sure Joe won't mind. . . . JustinO

Joe email. . .


Yeah, it seems like since you had that silent heart attack,
that you are more in touch (who wouldn't be?) with your-
self and your surrounding than you ever were.  We all
go around in our life time and maybe forget who gave us
Life.   You brought me back to reality when I first wrote to
you over 4yrs ago.  When I see the gift of Love of one for
another, God must be elated, with so many acts of Love that
all of us perform, either by way of sex, helping others, or
just plain listening to each other and even in the turmoil
of our daily lives.    Here I go again.

Thanks of putting up with me.  I guess???

Joe Galant Sr.

My reply. . . .

OK, RadJoe . . gotcha.  Yep, when you get knocked on your ass and fall from your imagined high horse of 'excellence' you deal with reality first class.
The various events/treatments/ordeal that have been my experience these past 6 months or so really help me to see reality. . ."things as they really are."  

All that I am, all that I have is pure gift. . .even using what I have been given is pure gift. . . .even being 'carried' downstairs to the waiting ambulance I was able to surrender myself to / to totally trust this emergency team. . . ."other kids my age" mostly who knew what they were doing and di it with such proficiency. . .they people made me feel utter safe and confident in their hands.  I had no fear. . . .which is wonderful for the "fluttering heart" struggling to keep my life flowing: our personal attitudes have so much/ very much to do with our current
experience - what we are dealing with and how. . . .

well, all of that was and is GIFT!

I went on a strict regime of diet. . . didn't eat all the "baddies" and ate all that stuff that is  "good for me". . . .and I was under a snoopervised regime of meds and do's and dont's which I followed strictly. . . .till the day my cardiac specialist told me "I see no reason why you cannot resume your normal life and program, Just use your head!"

Since the end of Winter break I have been teaching one section of psych, three classes per week.  I am available "in the office" for anyone who want to chat "about matters of consequence" and for certain hours each day I am on the roster of "The doctor is in" and so Dr. O'Shea is there ready to listen and hopefully help. . . .etc. . .and all of this depends on my attitude. .  .on how I see and respond to reality. . ."the present moment in this real situation".

And this is reality. . . .MY reality. . . all pure gift. . . which only "works" if I respond. . .if I use the gifts I am given. . . 

So, Joe, I am pleased you can see the difference. . .and grateful you bring it up to me. . . . .you are "pure gift". . . and don't let that get in the way of being truly yourself.



GreginAdelaide said...

Relieved to hear all of that Justin. I've often thought of you and wondered how you were progressing.
I've no other thing to add other than love....and thank you, for being you.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, Greg, for you posting. . "faithful Aussie" . . .;-))

jimm said...

well dude, it all sounds good! Just leave the shovel for someone else... stay safe!

JustinO'Shea said...

Hey JIMM. . . no, not to worry. . I do not have the stamina for snow shovelling. . .peter out before I even make a decent impression in the pile. .